Saturday, October 14, 2006

Round 1 Results!

Round 1:

Leon Hariton 0 - Peter Radomskyj 1
Rich Kmiec 1 - Harry Katz 0
David Short 0 - Jose Fernandez 1
Victor Rosas 1 - Robert West 0
Glen Hart Postponed - Charles Hart Postponed
Roger Pedersen 1 - Wobbe Koning 0
Steve Moctezuma Postponed - Harvey Susswein Postponed
Bryan Cohen Adjourned - Joseph Fortunato Adjourned
John Volpe 0 - Walter Stephan 1
Fred Sharpell 1 - Charles Kirck 0

1/2 Point BYE : John Hagerty and Guido Rodriguez

Fall Tournament has started

Our 2006 Fall Tournament has started with 24 players.

The Current Players participating in this event are:

NM Peter Radomskyj
NM Rich Kmiec
Jose Fernandez
Victor Rosas
Charles Hart
Roger Pedersen
Harvey Susswein
Bryan Cohen
Walter Stephan
Fred Sharpell
Paul Corcoran
Leon Hariton
Harry Katz
David Short
Robert West
Glen Hart
Guido Rodriguez
John M. Hagerty
Wobbe Koning
Steve Moctezuma
Joseph Fortunato
John Volpe
Charles Kirck
John Melhorn

Friday, July 14, 2006

World Open 2006

Recently three West Orange members participated in the Annual World Open held in Philadelphia. Joseph Fortunato with a 5.0-9.0 result played in the Under 1400 section. Danny Palacios played in the U1600 with a final score of 4.0-9.0 and myself in the U2000 section with a 6.0-9.0.

The "trip" to Philadelphia ended up being a very stressful one! I was playing 5 hour games almost every round. We didn't really have much of an analysis time since we barely had time in between rounds eat something. At night,after the rounds were over, we hung around Philly in which Danny will forever remember the pleasant experience of meeting "Ashley". Overall, other than finding Danny a hard-person to keep quiet, Joe crushing out at 9:00pm and Mackenzie Molner going corrupted to his parents at home- It was fun!

Here are some of our games from the World Open:

1) Rosas - Soriano