Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Capablanca Chess Club

2.15.2012/ UPDATE: Editor is informed, Capablanca chess club won't be meeting in near term on Saturdays. Roof repairs. Might move meeting to fire station, contact WOCC and we can help you get updates. dk

2.08.2012/ often on the web, when a site says, 'page under construction', it means no one will ever do anything. this is true 98 or even 99% of the time. its like an orphan, only its on the web. /

But here, this is the 1% side.

The editor is asking our friends at the Capablanca Chess Club to provide a simple narrative of who they are, when and where they meet, what sort of club they are, and the time controls they typically play.

The editor has been trying to link to all major chess venues in New Jersey, and in special instances, metro New York or, as here, in New York above north Jersey. See updated links at right. These are not passive links, but actively researched and edited.

Please notify club or errors, corrections, clarifications. Thank you. Contact david underscore korn at ver i zon dot ne t. david_korn one word. telephone 2 0 6 . 2 8 four, two 7 2 two. Secretary, Executive Board, WOCC.

We do not seek to gain members from that club, nor do we try to send our members to that club.

Our purpose is to help build chess in New Jersey, so that stronger players can be made aware of more venues, but as important if not more so (since newer person's may not be as connected to information and personal contacts, in our sport), developing and new or beginner chess players be given the widest range of options.


Meets every Saturday, from x top y time, located at, plays G10 time controls.

Contact: zxy, or abc Phone: (123) 123-4567.

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