Thursday, February 09, 2012

REVISED! Recent Game from Tournament, Tica vs. Boxer

Position from move 36.Kc2. White moves his K from g1 all the way to 47.Ka3 [1].

Click here, for full chessBase navigable view, might just about do it! [2]

[1] Profound: c.1300, "characterized by intellectual depth," from O.Fr. profund (late 12c.), from L. profundus "deep, bottomless, vast," also "obscure, profound," from pro- "forth" (see pro-) + fundus "bottom" (see fund (n.)). The literal and figurative senses both were in Latin, but English, already having deep, primarily employed this word in its figurative sense. Click red at left for full etymological dictionary. Greek rendition: επίθ. βαθύς, βαθυστόχαστος, περισπούδαστος, εμβρθής. Sanskrit: तिगगंभीर, tigagaMbhIra. Chinese: far-reaching adj [reforms, effects, implications] 意义深远

[2] Remember, you can slide the divider bar from the viewer from the board, to the Notation window. This resizes so you get a better view, from L to R.

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