Saturday, December 31, 2011

I M P O R T A N T . . Club is now closed Tue 03 Jan 2012

I M P O R T A N T . . GSCL is postponed till 10 Jan 2012. The WOCC plays Hamilton, at home. Work being done to the building continues to be uncertain.

Thus: Round Six of the WOCC Late Fall Swiss must NOW again be postponed till 17 Jan 2012.

As these changes move downstream in the colander pipeline, the Annual Meeting and Elections have also to be further moved up, to Tuesday 24 Jan 2012.

President John Hagerty is examining whether a plan B is to be considered, since the uncertainty on the construction management side shows no sign of ending.

In view of that, it is decided by the TD that if any scheduled matches wish to meet offsite, and/or play their game before the 17th, that this is permitted. This of course is only if both persons agree amicably. The requirement is for the 17th.

Please let us apologize. Believe us when we tell you, its all on a day by day basis to our club leaders.

[Email, as we were publishing, club President John sent and email to the editor, similar to above, to make sure the status of the club was properly communicated. This was recently discussed, and he asked us to notify members. Copy of his note, directly here:

I just want to make sure that all WOCC members know that the schedule of events has been pushed up a week and that we reopen on Jan. 10th for the GSCL, the official 6th and final rd. of the Late Fall Swiss will be on the 17th, and that the Annual Meeting and Election will then be held on the 24th. Also, let them know that players in the tournament can make individual arrangements to wrap up their last round games.
Thanks and Happy New Year


ps. Jose Fernandez and I would like to get confirmations either by phone or e-mail about their commitment to be in the USATE event to be held in Feb. We need to know asap especially for those who may wish to reserve a hotel room at the Hilton to grt the special Chess rate. Again, thanks'.]

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Remarkable Interviews: 'World Champion Anand on fatherhood, Kazan, and more'; 'On World Championship matches, and the new generation'

As previously mentioned, here is the fabulous interview of World Chess Champion Vishi Anand called:

'Interview with the World Champion - Anand on becoming a father, Kazan and more (part 1 of 2)'. This is a long but most interesting interview. Because of its length, there is a second part, Part Two linked here (click red). None of this is run of the mill. Highly recommended.

As we were ready to publish, recently two days before Christmas, a second interview which was just as good came out, so we consolidate the three interviews, thus. Linked here:

'Vegetarian Predator: On World Championship matches, the new generation of top players and himself'.

One closing note: Twe duopoly of The Week in Chess and were pretty much the two reigning sites on chess in the English speaking world, the last two years. It remains so. But then came along, also quite good. Its editor Peter Dodgers gave himself the herculian task of running this third site in both Dutch and English. About three years ago, was it, he decided to make it English only, due to the scope of work involved. No less than the two prior site, Chess Center and ChessBase. This is the third site.

In the last half year, a forth site started to take off, called This is very good, and is thus linked in the third interview. Enjoy.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

USCF TLA Came Out Today

Click here For link to TLA below.

[... quickly, the day before Christmas. Copied exactly as it is, link to list here, click red at left. Usual edits to follow, but, for now... ]

6 Grand Prix Points
Mar 13 - May 8, 2012
West Orange CC 2012 Championship
West Orange, NJ
7 rds., G/100 (5 sec. delay),
Reg. 7-7:30 P.M., rds. start at 8:00.
EF: $30.00, members $25.00.
Prizes: 1st $150, 2nd $100, 3rd $75, Best under 1900 $60, 1700 $50, 1500 $40.
All prizes guaranteed.
Details: and or 973-736-3433.
Byes: Three 1/2 byes available in any rd; must know by the end of rd.4.
Address: Toby Katz Community Center, 650 Pleasant Valley Way, West Orange, NJ 07052.
Advance entrees welcome.
Chess Magnet School JGP.
The information shown above is based on information in USCF records prior to publication of the TLA in Chess Life (or Chess Life for Kids.)
As such, the information shown above is subject to change.
Please check the TLA in Chess Life (or Chess Life for Kids) for any corrections, updates or other changes.
In special cases, changes that are made after the publication of Chess Life may be found on the Tournament Listings by State page.
Sponsoring Affiliate: A6002020, WEST ORANGE CHESS CLUB.
Tell the TD you heard about this event via TLA Mail or saw it on the USCF website. TLA ID: 8594

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I M P O R T A N T . . Round Six of WOCC Late Fall Swiss is postponed till 10 Jan 2012, Issue with Building

The Simplest person knows chess is relaxed, low stress, and best played in a tweed smoking jacket. Double click image to enlarge. A shocker. It was stressful for even some bystanders, little alone Mark and Nathan.

Dear Members, many of you, but not all have received an email, and/or phone call to please notify you that the last and final round of the Late Fall Swiss has had to be postponed till Tuesday 10 January 2012.

We must solemnly apologize, but this was not foreseen. It has been brought to our attention that our Toby Katz Community Center will not be available to us the next two weeks, due to the installation of a new floor [1]. This means we will not be meeting not just tomorrow night, but cannot meet the following week.

Moreover, round four of the GSCL is scheduled for the first Tuesday of every month, so this eliminated the availability of Tuesday 03 Jan, and according to John, as awkward as it is, had to be decided to resume the tournaments last and final round on this second Tuesday in January.

Secondly, the important Annual Club Meeting and Election, has had to be moved out to Tue 17 Jan. Time flies.

Since John had begun discussing the possibility of a quick Winter Round Robin (no specific plans, again, just discussed), that probably comes into doubt--at least as far as usual format goes, due to less available evenings.

The editor before the news about our postponement was already thinking that perhaps it might be a welcome change of pace to put on a six round swiss, with two games per night, at G30 for three consecutive Tuesdays. Editor is not sure if the revised schedule would then make a double round robin over three Tuesday more appealing, but maybe there are new factors preventing the prior (swiss) and hastening the latter (robin).

Comments welcome, will pass on to Club President John Hagerty, and TD's Roger Pedersen, and Doran Race.

That said, we hope no one needlessly drives from Philadelphia with the expectation of seeing us and finding a locked and empty clubhouse.

[1] Virtually all members appreciate the use of the space very, very greatly. Thank you to the Township of West Orange from all of us. We remind one another that it is not a matter of what is absent (missing a night or two, whether it be for upgrades, or a late start of competition for a meeting of wrestling coaches...) but what is present: secure space, easy access, a beautiful well-appointed setting (lake, club house, a bit of gardens), relative quiet near major interstates, good parking, clean areas to take care of personal, a small kitchen, good lighting, heat in winter, coolant in the summer--all that. Thank you for all of us to West Orange. We do not forget.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

WOCC Quote of the Week:

"I absolutely hate lossing".

Magnus Carlsen.

New Yorker Magazine, March 21, 2011 Issue.

The Prince’s Gambit: A chess star emerges for the post-computer age.
by D. T. Max

ABSTRACT OF ARTICLE BELOW. Click here in red for full article, but you might need a magnifying glass. Editor can read it. Worth a try:

PROFILE of Norwegian chess star Magnus Carlsen. Writer describes a match between Carlsen and Vladimir Kramnik at the London Chess Classic in December. In the match, Carlsen had recovered from a situation that the Russian champion Garry Kasparov called “impossible” to force a draw.

Carlsen, who had just turned twenty two weeks earlier, is largely self-taught, and can play various styles of chess. He has been a full-time chess player since he was fifteen, and spends more than a hundred and sixty days a year on the road. When he is not travelling, he lives in a house with his family in an affluent suburb of Oslo. Carlsen left school two years ago without formally graduating.

Tells about Magnus Carlsen Against the World, an event staged by Carlsen’s sponsor G-Star at New York Fashion Week. Carlsen played against a team of three grandmasters. Many people in the chess world considered the contest vulgar. At the trophy presentation, Liv Tyler, another G-Star endorser, gave Carlsen a silver plaque.

Most grandmasters start chess extremely young, but Carlsen did not, though he had shown unusual mathematical aptitude as a little boy, which is often found in chess talents. He was more engaged by soccer and skiing. When Magnus was eight, his father made another attempt to engage him in chess and this time, he recalled, he found it “just a richer and more complicated game than any other.”

Tells about Carlsen’s development as a chess player. He has a prodigious memory for board positions and moves. He studied with Simen Agdestein, a top Norwegian grandmaster at the time, and later with Kasparov. Briefly discusses the history of chess, which was brought to the West by way of Persia sometime between the eighth and tenth centuries.

Describes the approach to the game developed by the Soviets and also tells about the development of computer chess programs. Mentions Kasparov’s loss to the I.B.M. mainframe Big Blue, in 1997. Carlsen said that for him, great chess playing is less the “scientific search for the best approaches” than “psychological warfare with some little tricks.”

Describes Carlsen’s performance in the 2011 Wijk aan Zee tournament in Holland, where he lost his confidence. He told the writer, “Suddenly, I started to get these doubts. All of a sudden, my fighting spirit was almost gone.” Carlsen was already thinking ahead to the Amber chess tournament, which is being played this month, in Monaco. The games there do not affect anyone’s official ranking, since the participants play either rapid or blindfold chess; all the same, he said, “I really, really want to win and restore the power balance.”

See upset at 2:30 mark when someone suggested to him that the Grob is not a viable opening?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Club Update: Late Fall Swiss, Round Five Results and Round Six Final Pairings

[Editor, trying to get results, and crosstable, if possible, as we speak. dk]

West Orange Chess Club Late Fall Swiss 2011
Rd Bd Scr White Scr Black
06 1. ___ Kernighan, Mark D (5.0) ___ Zilbermintz, Lev (3.5)
06 2. ___ Hart, Charles M (3.5) ___ Pedersen, Roger E (3.5)
06 3. ___ Cohen, Bryan Paul (3.0) ___ Resika, Nathan (3.0)
06 4. ___ Martinez, Alberto (3.0) ___ Mangion, Ian (3.0)
06 5. ___ Boxer, Matthew (3.0) ___ Pepe, Michael A (3.0)
06 6. ___ Norris, Anthony (3.0) ___ Arias , Fermin (2.5)
06 7. ___ Senyatkin, Aleksey (2.0) ___ Garrett, Damon T (2.5)
06 8. ___ Katz, Harry S (1.0) ___ Nayak, Mohan Rao (2.0)
06 9. ___ Korn, David Allan (1.5) ___ Fortunato, Joseph (1.5)

More from London: What happens when two of the best chess players on earth extemporaneously discuss chess games together?? Delightful.

Prize Money Contenders with 1 round to go:

1ST $150 Kerighan
2ND $100 4 points wins: Zilbermintz 3.5+, Pedersen 3.5+, Hart 3.5+
3RD $075 Resika 3+, Mangion 3+, Boxer 3+, Cohen 3+, Martinez 3+, Pepe 3+

Under 1900 $60:
Martinez 3+, Pepe 3+, Norris 2.5+, Garrett 2.5+, Arias 2.5+

Under 1700 $50:
Nayak 2+, Korn 1.5+, Fortunato 1.5+

Under 1500 $35:

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Game: IM Dmitry S. London,2373 - Roger E. Pedersen,1950 [B19]

A recent game submitted to the WOCC by our Roger E. Pedersen. To load into Fritz or ChessBase, copy below or cntl C, then paste or cntl v. Editor. A nice win and congratulations to Roger!

IM Dmitry S. London,2373 - Roger E. Pedersen,1950 [B19]
Dr David Ostfeld Memorial Early Winter, 11.12.2011
[Fritz 13 (120s)]
B19: Classical Caro-Kann: 4...Bf5 main line 1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.Nd2 dxe4 4.Nxe4 Bf5 5.Ng3 Bg6 6.Nf3 e6 7.h4 h6 8.h5 Bh7 9.Bd3 Bxd3 10.Qxd3 Nf6 11.Bf4 Qa5+ 12.Bd2 Bb4 13.c3 Bd6 14.c4 Bb4 last book move. White has a very active position 15.0–0 Bxd2 16.Nxd2 0–0 17.c5 White has a new backward pawn: d4 17...Rd8 18.Qc2 White has an active position 18...Qc7 [18...Rxd4?? the pawn of course cannot be captured 19.Nb3 Qb4 20.Nxd4+–] 19.Qc3 Qd7 [19...Rd5 20.Nc4µ] 20.Rad1 Na6 Manoeuvre Nb8–a6–c7–d5 21.Nc4 Nc7 22.a4 Ncd5 Black threatens to win material: Nd5xc3. A valuable piece 23.Qf3 Qc7 24.Nd6 The white knight is well posted. 24...Ne8 25.Nge4 Ndf6 26.b4 [26.Nxf6+!? Nxf6 27.Rd3=] 26...Nxe4³ 27.Nxe4 a6 Black's piece can't move: e8 28.Rfe1 [28.Rd3 Rd5³] 28...Rd5µ 29.Nc3 Rf5 30.Qh3 Qf4 31.Ne4 Nf6 32.f3 Nxe4 33.fxe4 [33.Rxe4!? Qc7 34.Rb1µ] 33...Rg5 34.Rd3 Qg4 [¹34...Rd8–+ and Black could have gained the advantage] 35.Qxg4³ Rxg4 A double rook endgame occured 36.Kf2 Rd8 37.Kf3 White threatens to win material: Kf3xg4 37...Rh4 38.g4 Rh3+ 39.Ke2 Rxd3 [¹39...Rh2+!? 40.Kf3 Rb2µ] 40.Kxd3= e5 41.d5 cxd5 42.b5 This push gains space 42...dxe4+ White is in double check 43.Kxe4 f6 44.c6 bxc6 45.bxc6?? [¹45.b6³ would save the game] 45...Rd4+–+ 46.Ke3 Rc4 [46...Rc4 47.Rb1 Rxc6 48.Rb8+ Kh7–+] 0–1

Remarkable analysis by Kramnik. Notice how far and how fast he takes the line. He is the best of the best, as far as depth goes. Very, very funny remark at 3:00 mark by Trent: 'Is that all you could see??' Outrageous!

'...absolutely stunning video of Kramnik explaining his game with McShane as Wht, where he elaborates about a twenty move line off the top of his head, and all the variations. He does it quickly. Even Kasparov once said Kramnik probably had the deepest sense of chess, and from all reports, this is true. He won London yesterday:

[Comment off of chessVibes article, on Vlad's recent win at London yesterday: click red at L]]

"According to Peter Svidler himself, Vladimir Kramnik is the most talented and intuitive player that he has even known. Is it any surprise that this legend is performing so consistently and so well, including winning this tournament?"'.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Problems And Answers: How to Cook a Chess Club

On Sat, Dec 10, 2011 at 4:23 PM, Brian Cohen wrote:

Hey John. I know you told me that Tony Norris is taking a half point bye in round five. Just so everyone affected by this pairing change (which would be myself, Senyatkin, Martinez, Katz, and I suppose Norris as well) is all on the same page, can you have Roger Pedersen send the updated, revised pairings to David Korn to be placed on the website? If all of the affected players are not aware of a pairing change there could be problems.

[Editor, paragraph break] First of all Senyatkin is now supposed to be playing me, and Martinez is now supposed to be playing Katz. Senyatkin and Martinez could be upset, thinking that they are supposed to be playing each other, which they were originally. Katz, who had a full point bye originally, may not be aware of a change and might not be expecting to play, or he might not even show up, although in his case he comes just about every week.

[Editor, break] I would hate for there to be a scenario where anybody is upset at pairing changes that they will not find out about until game time or for Martinez to not have a game, get an unearned free point, and not have a game to play because Katz doesn't show up. I just think it would be best to make it clear to avoid any confusion. Please send me a reply, and as always thank you again John, and I will see you on Tuesday night.

Bryan Cohen

From: John Hagerty To: david korn [1]
ject: Fwd: tony norris bye

[Dear] Bryan,

It should be clear from the posted information as to the possibilities as to what happens if Norris takes a bye. The people in question should check with Roger or me as what Tony`s situation is and therefore know as to whom they are playing. If they cannot figure this out, then maybe they should not be playing Chess at all. What I can do is this: I will e-mail David and ask him to double check with Roger and then repost the pairings reflecting the Norris 1/2 point bye effect on rd. 5.


From: David Korn
Sent: Saturday, December 10, 2011 4:54 PM
To: [Roger] CT
Cc: John Hagerty
Subject: RE: tony norris bye

[Dear] Roger, back from HARD 1:15 run in the woods [...] ten minutes ago [...].

A surprising email from John, and asks me if you can pls let me know if there is an update. The patience of everyone is being tried, certainly not from you or John or me. You know, I have been competing at the club since the WOCCC in March, and this NEVER happened. Either we are attracting a portion of new breed of the wrong people [2], or we are just getting too free or lenient, but somehow there must be a way to control this.

In systems theory, when an entirely new sea change comes in, there must be an exogenous reason for it, no? We are not much different than we were a year ago, or are we? In any event, if you have new pairings, then I will post them.

On the fly, it just hits me if there are NO byes, while we might see a reduction in participation, maybe THAT set of participants will have more commitment?

Leave it to you and John.

Best, dk

From: David Korn
Sent: Saturday, December 10, 2011 4:56 PM
To: [Brian]
Subject: FW: tony norris bye

Brian, not sure what it is all about. You sound reasonable to me. Your friend, dk

From: doran race
Sent: Saturday, December 10, 2011 7:28 PM
To: david korn; roger pedersen
Cc: John Hagerty
Subject: RE: tony norris bye

I thought I saw somewhere that Norris is taking a half point bye for rounds 5 and 6


From: CT [Roger]Sent: Saturday, December 10, 2011 10:07 PM
To: [dk]Subject: Re: tony norris bye

Tony and Doran have requested round 5 byes SO the pairing "if" for Tony is what will occur and Pepe gets a forfeit win against Doran

Hackensack tournament tomorrow


From: John Hagerty Date: Sun, Dec 11, 2011 at 11:57 AM
Subject: Re: tony norris bye
To: doran race

David, the idea of 1/2 point byes is not an original concept on my part; it is very simply a device that obviously allows for a greater number of participants in an event. I would rather suffer a number of 1/2 point byes and have a nice turnout rather than have a limited group to play. In fact, some players will not play if they are forced to take a 1/2 point bye even though you, Roger, myself and many others who have even a modicum of math and especially statistical probability theory knowledge and understanding realize that theyare being either foolish or ignorant of the "odds" inherent in the Elo rating system.

[Editor, break] In any event, for us to pursue Grand Prix status, we have to guarantee $300.00 to the first three places. Furthermore, we do not want to revert back to the days of postponed games and/or adjournments; that wreaked some havoc on our scheduling for the club calendar. We also have some club members who travel on their jobs (sometimes with very little notice) and if we did not offer the 1/2 point bye option, they might never play in any of our Swiss events.

[Editor, break] try to be pragmatic about these things and above all else I do not want to impose Spartan or Draconian measures which could very well "throw the baby out with the bath water", if you get my drift. We will, of course, have to draft a kind of "riot act" type of document that should be handed out to every tournament participant and/or official club member--yes, this will be yet another work in progress for the betterment of the club.


From: Nathan Resika
Sent: Monday, December 12, 2011 11:53 AM
To: John
Cc: David
Subject: RE: New Post: 'Problems And Answers: How to Cook a Chess Club'

at the marshall and in most tournaments. in 6 round events, byes MUST be committed to taken BEFORE round 4 not AFTER( which yur rules allow). I think perhaps this should be your future change in policy..: imagine this.. some one with 4 out of 4 could take 2 byes AFTER acheiving this score and win the event!. whereas is he commited to the last round byes BEFORE round 4 he couldnt be sure of his result:-) all best Nathan

Nathan Resika [click red at L, to go to Nathan's impressive blog]

Video of FIDE Master Nathan Resika singing! Begs the question, 'what can this man NOT do?'

From: David Korn
Sent: Monday, December 12, 2011 12:28 PM
To: 'Nathan Resika'; John
Subject: RE: New Post: 'Problems And Answers: How to Cook a Chess Club'

Dear Nathan, It is wonderful that you continue to take an interest in our club. We hope to see more of you.

Thank you for your comment. I took the liberty of posting your note to the blog sec ago. Please let us know if this is not OK. Ideally, everyone’s voice gets heard.

Posting emails to the blog is unusual and not the norm, but this is part of surfacing out the growing pains of a club reaching beyond local-regional to regional.

Somehow the process sorts out, and we grow. I know John will reinforce or clarify if not to himself then the entire club the current position or, if alternately it is to change, put his wisdom there, but, believe me, I can speak for the WOCC and John, whatever it is, we will come out better after.

This all extends out of the decision to experiment, innovate, correct, improve that John put into motion last March, both B. from the resuscitated blog, and A. and the great results at the World Team Amateur in February the month before also.

To me the whole issue is not about byes or forfeits or pairings, but about stability. We can be more stable by refusing to change, or we can allow change, but this causes disturbance. It seems to me right now, to put it into organizational development or social psychology terms, we are in the winds of evolution, and as we do, surprises will keep happening. We cannot do both—stay the same or not allow instability.

Best, dk

PS, Gosh, thank you for the wonderful singing at the start of round four the week before last. If you ever wish to do it again, somehow we will all resist complaining. Smiles :-)

From: Nathan Resika Sent: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 1:09 AM
To: David Korn, John Hagerty
Subject: RE: New Post: 'Problems And Answers: How to Cook a Chess Club'

Hi David, Might I add that without the byes I wouldnt have been able to play... with byes( which are a great way for busy people to take part).. players will have to get used to not knowing who they will play in the first fewrounds.. beacuse someone could enter( like I did) with 2 byes. But its ok! People will have to think at the board without preparation for some rounds. This can be a good thing, occasionally:-) best Nathan click red at L for link

From: David Korn Sent: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 9:34 AM
To: 'Nathan Resika'
Cc: John Hagerty
Subject: RE: New Post: 'Problems And Answers: How to Cook a Chess Club'

Dear Nathan, You make a very, very good point. Maybe this is what everyone has been saying all along, but you seem to make it more clear. It’s like the Euro: ‘we will all tie ourselves to a currency we can all use, resulting in convenience, but this will lower the value of our more wealthy nations, and raise the less prosperous--the cost of seeking more openness by becoming more interdependent’ (my words). But then latter some nations fall (Greece, Spain, UK), and the piper must be paid (chess byes for Euro’s and default for changing one’s mind on previous commitments to play AND it being allowed).

On that note, maybe I can clarify as well what I see. But before I do, it is most important on the subject that I make it very clear that I am not at all against byes or byes here. What I am in favor of is surfacing the conflict. A conflict does not have to be serious. A conflict can be the need to not drink a second Coke after a two hour workout.

There is a saying in process psychology that ‘the source of resolving a disturbance resides in the conflict itself’:

Perhaps it is not that byes are to be to be continued to be used, but that a tighter rein on HOW those byes are allowed and taken. Again, much as I like Anthony—and I really do, I watched him continually say that he was pretty sure he could not continue in the tournament, then that he would. And let me hasten to repeat that it was me, from before the start of the tournament who kept encouraging him to enter the tournament, even if he needed to take byes in rounds five and six. So there ought not to have been a surprise. But from a group as distinct from an individual perspective, it begs the question as to how far it can go that one participant can unhinge a process or be allowed to do so. This becomes a group problem.

So it’s really about ‘if you are to take a bye’, ‘here are the conditions’, and ‘here are the limits’. It’s not taking a bye or not, but clarifying and objectifying formally. We had several persons saying they would participate, then did not. Someone officially leave the tournament, then come back, someone saying they would take a bye, then did not.

Please forgive me if I misunderstand, sincerely, but my stance is to taking a stance, not to the kind of stance!

Best, dk

[1] Some have gotten round to calling the editor (really a Communications Coordinator, as far as it goes) John's Assistant, certainly which cannot be called an insult. He told John the other day: 'John, I am not your assistant, but assist you--since I have no official capacity.

Be that as it may, as Victor or others resolve what a Secretary does for our club in the digital era, where emails, the internet, videos might count for more than board meeting minutes (those of course matters a lot, too), his role is that of 'activist' as Harry puts that.

That said, to be clear, he doesn't take a position on things like byes or standards or formats, but simply helps tie people, their communications, and events together as the club leadership wants them. To the extent that his name keeps showing up, its is only because someone needs to recieve and distribute those communications with an eye to the whole, to transparency, and hopefully fairness. dk

[2] To be clear, not that an individual opinion matters her, but the editor very sincerely likes Anthony and Nick, and certainly respects Man-Chit's chess to name a few, wishing only to highlite the aparent trend of the club there, not to focus upon any one of any number of pereginations by person or situation. for more details and full list
Click image to enlarge

FIDE ranking used to come out four times per year, and now a bit more often. But Hans Arlild Runde conceived a way to rank the super grandmasters, 2700 FIDE ELO and above in real time. For example, Carlsen won the recent Tal Memorial in Moscow and so topped 2830, Kramnik London yesterday and so topped 2800, which appears on the chart often to the hour. A real clever improvement. That we can tell, he recently sold it to be operated by others but nevertheless, still completely his brainchild. Link to here. Click red at L.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Announcement: West Orange Chess Club, 2012 Annual Club Championship

The WOCC and its Executive Board are pleased to announce the scheduling of our Annual West Orange Chess Club 2012 championship [1].

Like in previous years, this competition is planned as a seven round swiss. And like our Fall Swiss currently underway, also qualifies for Grand Prix status. So as to provide continuity, it takes place for six of seven Tuesdays, interupted only by the Garden State Chess League for the following Tuesday at the end of round three.

We invite all chess players to attend--local or far, new or experienced, in or out of state residents. We hope you all can attend or participate. The formal TLA currently being prepared for the February issue of the
U.S. Chess Federation's Chess Life Magazine is as follows (click red for links):

Mar. 13, Mar. 20, Mar. 27,
Apr. 10, Apr. 17, Apr. 24, May 8
West Orange CC 2012 Championship
7 rds., G/100 (5 sec. delay), Reg. 7-7:30 P.M., rds. start at 8:00. EF: $30.00, members $25.00.
Prizes: 1st $150, 2nd $100, 3rd $75, Best under 1900 $60, 1700 $50, 1500 $40. All prizes guaranteed.

Details: and or phone: 9seven3-7three6-3four33. Byes: Three 1/2 byes available in any rd; must know by the end of rd.4. Address: Toby Katz Community Center, 650 Pleasant Valley Way, West Orange, N.J. 07052. Advance entrees welcome.

Thank you, John M. Hagerty President and USCF TD

The usual parenthetic video, tonight: Watch Victor Korchnoi, bursting and bristling with energy. Rocking, shaking, almost jumping out of his chair, he embodies youthful excitment. He is only 84 years old, when well into his seventies, sustained a 2600 rating, still in the world top 100 at that time. Notice how gets going, starting at around the 7:00 mark, he is like a boy at Chrismas, lining up his presents. But it is not toys which he wants, but to beat Smyslov, getting the line which he had wanted. Also note 5:40, 9:15, and 10:30 marks:

[1.] Editor: Please all thank John for his many, many years of service, which we all very much hope will continue, both helping us and encouraging everyone by both being open and allowing change to occur. We won't always get it right, but by continually moving in new directions or expanding beyond what had been fixed and maybe unchanged, we keep realizing new possibilities as a club, and so discover and welcome more of the new. These might be repetitions from things already said, 'just words', but look at where we have gone in eight short months. Extrapolating out another eight months, and one can wonder what is else can occur, what new faces we will see--more solid, more fresh, more inclusive.

Garden State Chess Leauge: Information, Results and Links

This next Tuesday is Round Three of The Garden State Chess League.

Click here for board results. Cross tables for match results shown here. Schedule is shown here. Rosters are shown here. Standings are shown here.

Our WOCC Team plays The Kenilworth Karpov's, at our club in West Orange this comming Tuesday.