Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Remarkable Interviews: 'World Champion Anand on fatherhood, Kazan, and more'; 'On World Championship matches, and the new generation'

As previously mentioned, here is the fabulous interview of World Chess Champion Vishi Anand called:

'Interview with the World Champion - Anand on becoming a father, Kazan and more (part 1 of 2)'. This is a long but most interesting interview. Because of its length, there is a second part, Part Two linked here (click red). None of this is run of the mill. Highly recommended.

As we were ready to publish, recently two days before Christmas, a second interview which was just as good came out, so we consolidate the three interviews, thus. Linked here:

'Vegetarian Predator: On World Championship matches, the new generation of top players and himself'.

One closing note: Twe duopoly of The Week in Chess and were pretty much the two reigning sites on chess in the English speaking world, the last two years. It remains so. But then came along, also quite good. Its editor Peter Dodgers gave himself the herculian task of running this third site in both Dutch and English. About three years ago, was it, he decided to make it English only, due to the scope of work involved. No less than the two prior site, Chess Center and ChessBase. This is the third site.

In the last half year, a forth site started to take off, called This is very good, and is thus linked in the third interview. Enjoy.

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