Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pairings for Round Three, WOCC Club Championship

Rd Bd Scr White Scr Black
03 1. ___ Minkov, Ari (2.0) ___ Race, Doran (2.0)
03 2. ___ Pedersen, Roger E (1.5) ___ Fredericks, Jason (2.0)
03 3. ___ Cohen, Bryan Paul (1.5) ___ Burn, Murray (1.5)
03 4. ___ Zilbermintz, Lev (1.0) ___ Messing, Aaron (1.0)
03 5. ___ Martinez, Alberto (1.0) ___ Garrett, Damon T (1.0)
03 6. ___ Boxer, Matthew (1.0) ___ Korn, David Allan (1.0)
03 7. ___ Hart, Charles M (1.0) ___ West, Robert (1.0)
03 8. ___ Trieste, Edward Wi (1.0) ___ Hart, Glen B (0.5)
03 9. ___ Kirck, Charles H. (0.5) ___ Katz, Harry S (0.0)
03 10. ___ Nayak, Mohan Rao (0.5) ___ Rivero, Rene Thoma (0.5)
03 11. ___ Fortunato, Joseph (0.0) ___ Smalt, Bob (0.0)
03 0.5 Hagerty, John Mich (1.5) BYE REQUESTED

Monday, March 26, 2012

Announcement of Single Nights Closure in mid-May

Dear WOCC Club Members and good friends:

President John Hagerty has asked us to notify through the blog the closure of the club, the third Tuesday of May the 15th.

The Township of West Orange has operational needs, and we all appreciate the early to far in advance notice this time and/or busy club officers catching it for us among already great service to the club!

The editor has to pinch himself, each time, not out of disappointment, but mindful gratitude, to remind himself to remind all of you for John, Harry, Ken that the club is a courtesy of the greater community, that it is never a matter of what is absent, but what is president.

The good people of our club make it a great club, the good chess never hurts either (well, not always anyway, smiles), but the well appointed facility with safe good parking, cool in hot summers, warm in blustery winters is a golden provision. Thank you to West Orange.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Results for Round Two and Tentative Pairings R3: WOCC Club Championship 2012

Another special video, here. Video two here, video three [1], click red. Karpov also in his alien aspect.

[Editor, recently problems with html across ALL browsers for ALL users, red won't show despite edited version shown as accepting it... what can I do, the fix takes a lot of time........... Four years ago, with the nice black background, links shows in an obvious purple-blue which worked great, but now it is grey. This problem comes and goes for months at a time, like El Nino, and right now it is back. Sorry. Hence the red used to date... long story... ]

Round 2 results
Rd Bd Scr White Scr Black
02 1. Fredericks, Jason (1.0) 1-0 Zilbermintz, Lev (1.0)
02 2. Race, Doran (1.0) 1-0 Boxer, Matthew (1.0)
02 3. Minkov, Ari (1.0) 1-0 Hart, Charles M (1.0)
02 4. Hart, Glen B (0.5) 0-1 Pedersen, Roger E (0.5)
02 5. Rivero, Rene Thoma (0.5) 1.0 Cohen, Bryan Paul (0.5)
02 6. Burn, Murray (0.5) 1-0 Nayak, Mohan Rao (0.5)
02 7. Garrett, Damon T (0.0) 1-0 Kirck, Charles H. (0.5)
02 8. Fortunato, Joseph (0.0) 0-1 Messing, Aaron (0.0)
02 9. Katz, Harry S (0.0) 0-1 Korn, David Allan (0.0)
02 10 Smalt, Bob (0.0) 0-1 West, Robert (0.0)
02 0.5 Mangion, Ian (1.5) BYE REQUESTED
02 0.5 Hagerty, John Mich (0.5) BYE REQUESTED
02 0.5 Martinez, Alberto (0.5) BYE REQUESTED
02 0.5 Trieste, Edward Wi (0.5) BYE REQUESTED

Tentative Round 3
Rd Bd Scr White Scr Black
03 1. xxx Minkov, Ari (2.0) xxx Race, Doran (2.0)
03 2. xxx Pedersen, Roger E (1.5) xxx Fredericks, Jason (2.0)
03 3. xxx Cohen, Bryan Paul (1.5) xxx Mangion, Ian (1.5)
03 4. xxx Zilbermintz, Lev (1.0) xxx Burn, Murray (1.5)
03 5. xxx Messing, Aaron (1.0) xxx Martinez, Alberto (1.0)
03 6. xxx Boxer, Matthew (1.0) xxx Korn, David Allan (1.0)
03 7. xxx Hart, Charles M (1.0) xxx West, Robert (1.0)
03 8. xxx Trieste, Edward Wi (1.0) xxx Garrett, Damon T (1.0)
03 9. xxx Kirck, Charles H. (0.5) xxx Hart, Glen B (0.5)
03 10. xxx Nayak, Mohan Rao (0.5) xxx Rivero, Rene Thoma (0.5)
03 11. xxx Katz, Harry S (0.0) xxx Fortunato, Joseph (0.0)
03 1.0 Smalt, Bob (0.0) BYE
03 0.5 Hagerty, John Mich (1.0) BYE REQUESTED

Roger E Pedersen
one word: game producer at a o l dot com
Author of "Game Design Foundations 2nd Edition" (link in red, at left)

Modesty... tempered by excellence [2]

[1] Same problem, so link to video three here:

[2] Well, OK, its not chess, not by a long stretch, but after Magnus and Kasparov, why not?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Roster, Vital or How Do You Spell Microsoft.xls?

(Double click image to enlarge)

John has asked the editor to ask all of you, if anyone is available to keep the club roster going forward? Our Secretary not only can do it with his eye's closed--as he calls it--BUT positively LOVES spreadsheets the way some men love Corvettes, cigarette's, or wine, or some specific genders like Italian shoes and hand crafted leather handbags, really its true, but:

he soon won't be able to do it for the club. It is not a sheet with formula's, but lots of data entry, phone numbers. For example, Roger and us have been up to date for a long time, but his had a deletion of a previously perfectly good number. His contact is vital to John, Doran, our club. But phone numbers change, get phased out. All that. It is rigorous. The volume of work there is scant, but it is ongoing...

So the task is one of immediacy. We had visits last night, one filled out our sheet. Good. James is obviously on a tear, playing well, and back from hiatus, and I asked John to make sure he got the sheet. We needed his email and phone number.

It is very bad practice to write phone numbers on little pieces of paper, think Bliss's GTD or Getting Things Done (link in red at L) or Franklin-Covey Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Franklin Day Planner. Another classic is Lakein's 'How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life'. Think having to learn to allocate tasks, identify, retain, and complete them before the age of Smart-Phones. Think remember and pay attention. Think mental construct.

So anyway, there is no catching up. The editor, if he does not do it the next day, does it the day after that, then saves the file to the gmail, as a draft. Then John or Doran can be in Jakarta and its there. Smiles.

What is this all about? It is important. We don't seek more money, bigger names, more class players, no. We seek to always see more good persons. Think of the walk in's--Reiska, Mr. Messing now, some of the youth, Rob now, Jason, one by one build it and they will come.

The blog supports it, the gmail is fed by the list. The list feeds the blog. Folks show up, new email. In sales, a few referrals alone will not make your business. Well, OK, they do help. But the real kicker is referrals of REFERRALS. That is power.

Speaking of power. Make that the triumphate of Fischer, Kasparov, and Carlsen. This is another good one. Really good. Part one of four.

[Part two for above, part three, and part four, linked in red. Start of video one here, 1:19 to 2:24 mark+. Just try sitting across from this guy, before you hit the clock... intimidation.]

Power is the club gifting scholarships, it is more youth, it is more clocks, it is a new notebook, it is more capable TD's (as in quantity only), it is several, not just one candidate VP's. A VP is more than a VP. A VP is a President in development. A VP is a President in absentia when needed

So this list is the editors parting gift. Please help the club, someone. It is taking the emails and adding them to the roster, when the email is wrong, calling someone, or asking them to confirm. One brick at a time. One day, you look up, and you have a hundred names.

Four persons results in 24 possible combinations of conversations (editor looks to our esteemed club Treasurer, who teaches Statistcs at Seton Hall University to obviously correct me). Five is 120 conversations. Six persons results in 720. 8!=40,320. As it goes exponential, the creative, social, economic, and spiritual richness expands. Try fifty or sixty persons taken exponentially. It's a network. Bob West calls Mohan. Ian runs into Mark who talks to Glen. Glen talks to Goeller. Goeller runs into Yacovin, who tells a student, try to play more weekly tournaments. A new student seeks out a serious GM. On and on. Think network.

The club is a body of like minded persons, in civil conduct, open (usually) to the public, connected, in our era, by rapid electronic communication, of email and the internet. This gives wide access. Access gives growth, growth gives more quality. Blogs can mean, for example, a strikingly poignant video of the greatest chess player of all time, on Sixty Minutes, it means his counterpart, Magnus Carlsen on same, and sharing it. Some of these things, while in popular media, can be hard to find [1].

The roster. Very basic, but constant. The club crankshaft. Not the legs or the wheels, but the hub.

If John or Ken or Harry all went at once, in whatever form, where is the club? Is it on slips of paper, is it Charlie or John B having a key? This roster is secure on the web, an existence system (red at left).

Lastly, this is not a request for a blogger. Roger can fill in there. And the blog is not the matter, nor emails. Those are tools of communication, coordination, plans, decisions, and implementation, it is really project management, of which the blog is a major tool for attracting and distributing incentive and determination. Wew.

[1] It is four persons telling the editor he is long winded.

Monday, March 19, 2012

UPDATE: Bye's and ongoing discussion of policy as it evolves

The Pause that Refreshes

From: John Hagerty []
Sent: Sunday, March 18, 2012 8:47 PM
To: Ian Mangion; game_____ucer; doran race; dav__d_k__n
Subject: 2nd Round 1/2 point bye

[Dear] Ian,

Thank you for the e-mail notice; I can give you a 1/2 point bye for Round 2. We look forward to seeing you in Round 3.

We are going to follow the lead of the Marshall Chess Club in which we will permit last minute changes to redoing pairings. Doran Race did the research for me on this, at my request, and found out that advance pairings are "unofficial" with the caveat that they might change until about one hour before the games.

This method will help us avoid forfeits and hopefully bring them down to near 0.0%. I still like the idea of trying to let players prepare with White or Black and perhaps even against a specific opponent but to have too many forfeits is a bad thing for the morale of players (after all, most guys want to play!)

and forfeited results can unfairly skew the results for determining class prize winners and maybe even mess up tiebreak points, if they are needed to determine the Club Champion.

Hopefully, this methodology will not be abused and we will hand out forfeits if too short a notice is given or if one has used up their quota of three 1/2 point byes.

Fortunately, because we have the pairing program on the club`s laptop, we will be able to do this without much hassle. In fact, I am sending this e-mail to Doran, Roger (who operates the laptop) and to our Secretary, David Korn of whom I will ask to have attached this notice to our blog listing of the next round pairings.

John M. Hagerty,
WOCC President and Chief TD for the WOCC Championship

ps. The laptop will be present at all the rounds and we will have pairing cards as a "backup" if needed.

Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2012 13:13:40 -0400
Subject: Re: when to pair one round per week tournamnet

Dear Doran,

We usually pair just before the start of the round for the reasons listed by you. Almost always there are last minute bye requests.Should players ask for their next pairing we give them a the unofficial pairing at that time with the caveat that it might change.

For big FIDE rated events such as the NY International or our Club Championship we publish the pairings ASAP, but still keep them "unofficial" until about one hour before the game.

Good luck with your tournament!


Marcus Fenner
Club manager

On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 12:21 PM, doran race wrote:

Dear Marshall Chess club
When you hold tournaments that have one round a week when do you do the pairings? I have noticed that if you pair a week in advance there are more forfiets. If you pair the night of the round say 30min before game time there rre fewer forfiets becuase players can request a half point bye if they have an unforseen problem.

Your reply will help the West Orange chess club run their club championship. A grand Prix event that starts next tuesday at 8pm. I am on the tournament committee, I will be an assistent TD for the club championship and a contender. The chief TD has asked me to ask you when you pair. I am also a former Marshall Chess club member, but I cant afford the commuting costs to play at you club.

Doran Race 12183660

Friday, March 16, 2012

AMAZING: Bobby Fischer on 60 Minutes

Totally wonderful. Hat tip, link here in red: 'Bobby Fischer on 60 Minutes'

'In 1972, Mike Wallace profiled the infamous Bobby Fischer, who was then only twenty-nine-years old and training for his famous Cold War showdown against Russia's Boris Spassky.'

Fischer is an absolute hoot! Warranted self prepossessed confidence: the best in the world for a long, long time (maybe for a long, long time anyway), and he certainly knew it, but now THEY had to recognize it.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Results, West Orange Chess Club Championship 2012

By Roger Pedersen: 'Most likely round 2 pairings (possible the players below 1 point may change due to new entries)

Rd Bd Scr White Scr Black
02 1. xxx Minkov, Ari (1.0) xxx Zilbermintz, Lev (1.0)
02 2. xxx Race, Doran (1.0) xxx Boxer, Matthew (1.0)
02 3. xxx Fredericks, Jason (1.0) xxx Mangion, Ian (1.0)
02 4. xxx Hart, Charles M (1.0) xxx Pedersen, Roger E (0.5)

02 5. xxx Rivero, Rene Thoma (0.5) xxx Cohen, Bryan Paul (0.5)
02 6. xxx Burn, Murray (0.5) xxx Nayak, Mohan Rao (0.5)
02 7. xxx Garrett, Damon T (0.0) xxx Kirck, Charles H. (0.5)
02 8. xxx Fortunato, Joseph (0.0) xxx Messing, Aaron (0.0)
02 9. xxx Katz, Harry S (0.0) xxx Korn, David Allan (0.0)
02 10. xxx Smalt, Bob (0.0) xxx West, Robert (0.0)

02 0.5 Trieste, Edward Wi (0.5) BYE REQUESTED
02 0.5 Martinez, Alberto (0.5) BYE REQUESTED
02 0.5 Hagerty, John Mich (0.5) BYE REQUESTED'

West Orange Chess Club Championship 2012 -- West Orange Chess Club Championship 2012 Wall Chart, Page 1

Name/State ID Group/Team Rate Rnd 1
1. Zilbermintz, Lev |2090 | W 11 |
NJ 12476202 | | 1.0 |
2. Race, Doran |2012 | B 13 |
NY 12183660 | | 1.0 |
3. Mangion, Ian |2010 | W 14 |
NJ 13497907 | | 1.0 |
4. Minkov, Ari |1989 | B 16 |
NJ 12676135 | | 1.0 |
5. Pedersen, Roger E |1940 | W 17 |
NJ 10092990 | | 0.5 |
6. Fredericks, Jason |1926 | B 19 |
NJ | | 1.0 |
7. Martinez, Alberto |1923 | HALF |
NJ 12490535 | | 0.5 |
8. Boxer, Matthew |1900 | W 20 |
NJ 12510577 | | 1.0 |
9. Hart, Charles M |1900 | B 18 |
NJ 10004071 | | 1.0 |
10. Cohen, Bryan Paul |1840 | W 12 |
NJ 20020149 | | 0.5 |
11. Garrett, Damon T |1795 | B 1 |
NJ 12545276 | | 0.0 |
12. Burn, Murray |1770 | B 10 |
NJ 10104891 | | 0.5 |
13. Messing, Aaron |1741 | W 2 |
NJ 12289210 | | 0.0 |
14. Katz, Harry S |1732 | B 3 |
NJ 12052860 | | 0.0 |
15. Nayak, Mohan Rao |1697 | HALF |
NJ 12237580 | | 0.5 |
16. West, Robert |1668 | W 4 |
NJ 12904515 | | 0.0 |
17. Rivero, Rene Thoma |1640 | B 5 |
NJ 12441215 | | 0.5 |
18. Fortunato, Joseph |1634 | W 9 |
NJ 12932570 | | 0.0 |
19. Korn, David Allan |1607 | W 6 |
NJ 14564164 | | 0.0 |
20. Smalt, Bob |1600 | B 8 |
NJ | | 0.0 |
21. Hagerty, John Mich |1574 | HALF |
NJ 10043816 | | 0.5 |
22. Trieste, Edward Wi |1401 | B 23 |
NJ 12029830 | | 0.5 |
23. Kirck, Charles H. |1363 | W 22 |
NJ | | 0.5 |

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Han Hollander interviews Max Euwe and Capablanca

Han Hollander interviews Max Euwe and Capablanca, click link in red at left. Hat tip, here.

'Radio Reporter Han Hollander speaks with José Raúl Capablanca and Max Euwe about the forthcoming match Euwe-Alekhine. The video starts with Hollander playing a game against Euwe and thinking he is lost. Capablanca then enters and shows him how he can actually win the position.

'They then discusses the upcoming World Championship match between Euwe and Alekhine, on which Capablanca says (at 1:15 into the video): "Dr. Alekhine's game is 20% bluff. Dr. Euwe's game is clear and straightforward. Dr. Euwe's game – not so strong as Alekhine's in some respects – is more evenly balanced."'

Friday, March 09, 2012

Not just black and white; chess, on the local level, is colorful

Article here. Fantastic!

'Not just black and white; chess, on the local level, is colorful'.

We all appreciate Pete Genovese's effort. A great guy, professional.

Thank you, WOCC!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Capablanca Interviewed in 1939 Edward Winter

Incredible! Incredible. Just incredible:

Link here: Capablanca Interviewed in 1939, Edward Winter.

Incredible. Read it. Read it!

Star Ledger Set to Print, Tomorrow, Friday

Lets wait and see. The Star Ledger indicates they plan top run the article tomorrow, Friday. All I know is, their very good Features writer Pete Genovese has made a real effort, and their news organization is very professional, invested in his A. interviewing and meeting with us, B. sending a very professional photographer who took what must have been many hundreds of photos of us, the club, C. he asked to come back again Tuesday, two nights ago, and D. has corresponded with the club Secretary in volume and frequency yesterday and tomorrow, through the last two days. Six emails from him and six back, last thirty-five hours. Sitting on tenterhooks here...

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Plano teen makes his move toward chess elite

For video replay, click toolbar above. Impressive!


WFAA, Posted on December 21, 2010 at 4:59 PM. Updated Tuesday, Dec 21 at 11:04 PM

'RICHARDSON — Survival of the fittest is no small matter when your name is "Darwin" — Darwin Yang.

'"The joy of victory is very enjoyable," said the 14-year-old Plano boy. "I just want to win."

'At an elite tournament sponsored by the top-ranked University of Texas at Dallas chess team this week, Yang hoped to reach the rare status of "International Master."

'For his age, he's the best chess player in the United States, and he hoped to achieve a status just below a top-rated Grandmaster.

'"He definately stands out," said Jim Stallings, Director of Chess at UT-Dallas'.

Full article continue here, link in red.