Monday, March 26, 2012

Announcement of Single Nights Closure in mid-May

Dear WOCC Club Members and good friends:

President John Hagerty has asked us to notify through the blog the closure of the club, the third Tuesday of May the 15th.

The Township of West Orange has operational needs, and we all appreciate the early to far in advance notice this time and/or busy club officers catching it for us among already great service to the club!

The editor has to pinch himself, each time, not out of disappointment, but mindful gratitude, to remind himself to remind all of you for John, Harry, Ken that the club is a courtesy of the greater community, that it is never a matter of what is absent, but what is president.

The good people of our club make it a great club, the good chess never hurts either (well, not always anyway, smiles), but the well appointed facility with safe good parking, cool in hot summers, warm in blustery winters is a golden provision. Thank you to West Orange.


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