Monday, March 19, 2012

UPDATE: Bye's and ongoing discussion of policy as it evolves

The Pause that Refreshes

From: John Hagerty []
Sent: Sunday, March 18, 2012 8:47 PM
To: Ian Mangion; game_____ucer; doran race; dav__d_k__n
Subject: 2nd Round 1/2 point bye

[Dear] Ian,

Thank you for the e-mail notice; I can give you a 1/2 point bye for Round 2. We look forward to seeing you in Round 3.

We are going to follow the lead of the Marshall Chess Club in which we will permit last minute changes to redoing pairings. Doran Race did the research for me on this, at my request, and found out that advance pairings are "unofficial" with the caveat that they might change until about one hour before the games.

This method will help us avoid forfeits and hopefully bring them down to near 0.0%. I still like the idea of trying to let players prepare with White or Black and perhaps even against a specific opponent but to have too many forfeits is a bad thing for the morale of players (after all, most guys want to play!)

and forfeited results can unfairly skew the results for determining class prize winners and maybe even mess up tiebreak points, if they are needed to determine the Club Champion.

Hopefully, this methodology will not be abused and we will hand out forfeits if too short a notice is given or if one has used up their quota of three 1/2 point byes.

Fortunately, because we have the pairing program on the club`s laptop, we will be able to do this without much hassle. In fact, I am sending this e-mail to Doran, Roger (who operates the laptop) and to our Secretary, David Korn of whom I will ask to have attached this notice to our blog listing of the next round pairings.

John M. Hagerty,
WOCC President and Chief TD for the WOCC Championship

ps. The laptop will be present at all the rounds and we will have pairing cards as a "backup" if needed.

Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2012 13:13:40 -0400
Subject: Re: when to pair one round per week tournamnet

Dear Doran,

We usually pair just before the start of the round for the reasons listed by you. Almost always there are last minute bye requests.Should players ask for their next pairing we give them a the unofficial pairing at that time with the caveat that it might change.

For big FIDE rated events such as the NY International or our Club Championship we publish the pairings ASAP, but still keep them "unofficial" until about one hour before the game.

Good luck with your tournament!


Marcus Fenner
Club manager

On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 12:21 PM, doran race wrote:

Dear Marshall Chess club
When you hold tournaments that have one round a week when do you do the pairings? I have noticed that if you pair a week in advance there are more forfiets. If you pair the night of the round say 30min before game time there rre fewer forfiets becuase players can request a half point bye if they have an unforseen problem.

Your reply will help the West Orange chess club run their club championship. A grand Prix event that starts next tuesday at 8pm. I am on the tournament committee, I will be an assistent TD for the club championship and a contender. The chief TD has asked me to ask you when you pair. I am also a former Marshall Chess club member, but I cant afford the commuting costs to play at you club.

Doran Race 12183660

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