Monday, February 13, 2012

Remarkable Interviews: A talk with legendary Lajos Portisch – Parts I & II

As before, one more wonderful interview. Portisch was known for deep analysis and great preparation:

There is a well known story of Fischer or Bronstein, not sure which, knocking on his hotel room (really does not matter who, but same idea). An analysis board is set up. This is of course at least 35 years before the internet or Fritz.

He is analyzing with one of those guys like Spassky or Averbakh, and its move 26, quite well into the middlegame. The next day, this same Fischer or Bronstein, whoever it was, walks by his game in the playing hall of a serious match game, and to his astonishment the very same position he had seen the night before is on the board. This is not a fixed game, but a hard fought game. Portisch had figured it all out the night before. Can you imagine?

A talk with legendary Lajos Portisch – Part I, and A talk with legendary Lajos Portisch – Part II Click red at left. Linked from

'01.02.2012 – Lajos Portisch is one of the greatest Hungarian players of all time, and was third in the world at his height. He recently agreed to speak with Albert Silver and gave his first serious interview in English in over 20 years.

'In it he regaled us with stories ranging from his start in chess ate age twelve, to meetings with the great players, and even his many secret meetings with Bobby Fischer!'

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