Monday, November 19, 2007

West Orange Chess Club Fall Swiss Round 5 Pairings are the Round 5 (final round, Tuesday, November 20, 2007) pairings for the WOCC Fall Swiss. There will an additional mop-up round or rounds in the weeks to follow.:

(As ususal the first player has the white pieces and the second player has the black pieces.)

Doran Race v. Peter Readomskyj
Victor Rosas v. Charles Hart
Ken Ganning v. Paul Corcoran
Murray Byrne v. Walter Stephan
Shea Paris v. Harvey Susswein
Mark Ellsman v. Jack Adamo
Steve Moctezuma v. Bryan Cohen
John Volpe v. Leon Hariton
Robert West v. Nicholas Kant
Joe Fortunato v. Glen Hart
Danny Palacios v. Harry Katz
Rodney Davenport v. Mohan Nayak

See you on Tuesday evening...Good Luck!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

West Orange Chess Club Fall Swiss Round 4 Pairings

Following are the Round 4 pairings for Tuesday, November 6, 2007:

Doran Race has a half-point bye
Glen Hart has a full-point bye

First name is white:

Peter Radomskyj v. Murray Byrne
Crawford Daniels v. Victor Rosas
Harvey Susswein v. Charlie Hart
Jack Adamo v. Ken Ganning
Nicholas Kant v. Bryan Cohen
Paul Corcoran v. Robert West
Shea Paris v. Walter Stephan (Postponed)
Joe Fortunato v. Steve Moctezuma
Harry Katz v. John Volpe
Mark Ellsman v. Mohan Nayak
Leon Hariton v. Danny Palacios
Rodney Davenport v. Roger Sugarman

Good Luck!