Wednesday, March 19, 2008

West Orange C.C. Make-up and Round 5 Results

Following are the missing results from earlier rounds:

Davenport, Rodney v. Ellsman, Mark 1/2-1/2
Rosas, Victor v. Cohen, Bryan Postponed
Burn, Murray v. West, Robert 0-1
Leffew, Richard v. Volpe, John 1-0
Hagerty, John v. Kant, Nicholas Postponed

Following are the available Round 5 results:

Rosas, Victor - Radomskyj, Peter Postponed
West, Robert - Cohen, Bryan 0-1
Susswein, Harvey - Ganning, Ken Postponed
Leffew, Richard - Stephan, Walter 1-0
Katz, Harry - Corcoran, Paul Postponed
Hariton, Leon - Hart, Glen Postponed
Trieste, Ed - Ellsman, Mark 1/2-1/2
Fortunato, Joe - Nayak, Mohan 0-1
Kant, Nicholas - Kirck, Charles Postponed
Paris, Shea - Hagerty, John 1/2-1/2
Levanda, Mark - Davenport, Rodney 1/2-1/2

John Volpe had the full point bye.

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