Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Pairings for Round Four, WOCC Club Championship

Round 4 Pairings (per Roger 'may change if someone asks for a BYE')

Rd Bd Scr White Scr Black
04 1. xxx Race, Doran (3.0) xxx Pedersen, Roger E (2.5)
04 2. xxx Cohen, Bryan Paul (2.5) xxx Minkov, Ari (2.0)
04 3. xxx Hart, Charles M (2.0) xxx Zilbermintz, Lev (2.0)
04 4. xxx Fredericks, Jason (2.0) xxx Martinez, Alberto (2.0)
04 5. xxx Trieste, Edward Wi (2.0) xxx Boxer, Matthew (1.5)
04 6. xxx Burn, Murray (1.5) xxx Hagerty, John Mich (1.5)
04 7. xxx West, Robert (1.0) xxx Garrett, Damon T (1.0)
04 8. xxx Messing, Aaron (1.0) xxx Nayak, Mohan Rao (1.0)
04 9. xxx Katz, Harry S (1.0) xxx Fortunato, Joseph (1.0)
04 10. xxx Rivero, Rene Thoma (1.0) xxx Hart, Glen B (0.5)
04 11. xxx Smalt, Bob (0.0) xxx Kirck, Charles H. (0.5)
04 0.0 Korn, David Allan (1.5) BYE REQUESTED


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting Dave despite being in Portland, Maine.


Anonymous said...

Here are the revised pairings:

Race vs Pedersen
Cohen vs Zilbermintz
Trieste vs Minkov
Fredericks vs Martinez
Burn vs Boxer
Garrett vs Hagerty
Messing vs Nayak
Katz vs Rivero
West vs Fortunato
Smalt 1 point bye
Kirck, Charles 1/2 point bye
Hart, Charles 1/2 point bye
Hart, Glen 1/2 point bye
Korn 1/2 point bye

These are now official--John M. Hagerty, Roger and I apologize for any inconvenience that these last minute 1/2 point bye requests have incurred. We are doing our best to minimize any forfeits.

Anonymous said...

Pairings are revised: e-mail me for your correct pairing.


John Hagerty said...
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