Wednesday, April 18, 2012

'What Goes Around Comes Around, A Grandmaster Morality Tale'

A member of our club wrote an article about an incident he witnessed involving great sportsmanship between a nationally ranked Grandmaster and a Master at the 42nd World Team Amateur Championship. As many of you recall, we participated as a club recently in February by submitting three teams. In addition to match play throughout the year at our club, analysis with senior players, casual play, New Jersey State Chess League, and open doors to all levels of scholastic and K-6 players and total beginners, this is part of what we provide each year [1].

After careful research with the chess players involved, today the article was published at a major Chess website called, linked here: 'What Goes Around, Comes Around, a Grandmaster Morality Tale'. It you have never been to the site, its really very good and has been in existence for a long time. With, The Week in Chess, and ChessVibes, it is part of the 'big four' as far as chess goes in the English Speaking world for chess.

[1] At just ten dollars annually, a relative bargain for a year of being more a part of a regionally strong club.


Anonymous said...

Great job David!!!


Chess Coroner said...

A correction. The West Orange CC plays in the Garden State Chess League not NJ Chess League.

Chess Coroner said...

The New Jersey Chess League referred to in the post is, in fact, the Garden State Chess League.

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