Sunday, January 20, 2008

West Orange Chess Club Championship 2008 First Round Pairings!

Following are the Round 1 Pairings for the 2008 edition of the West Orange Chess Club Championship, which gets underway this coming Tuesday evening at 8:00 p.m.

As usual, the first player has the white pieces and the second player has the black pieces. Good luck to all the players!

Katz, Harry v. Radomskyj, Peter
Rosas, Victor v. Nayak, Mohan
Hart, Glen v. Hart, Charles
Leffew, Richard v. Fortunato, Joseph
Ellsman, Mark v. Ganning, Ken
Susswein. Harvey v. Volpe, John
Paris, Shea v. Cohen, Bryan
Burn, Murray v. Kant, Nicholas
Kirck, Charles v. Stephan, Walter
Corcoran, Paul v. Levanda, Mark
Davenport, Rodney v. Hariton, Leon
Trieste, Ed v. Hagerty, John

If there are any questions please contact either John Hagerty, Victor Rosas or myself (973.723.7250; )

With best wishes for all...Glen Hart

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