Saturday, January 26, 2008

WOCC 2008 Club Championship - First Round Results and Second round Pairings

Following are the Round 1 results and the pairings for Round 2 of the 2008 edition of the West Orange Chess Club Championship (see the post below for the dates and times). As usual, the first player is white and the second player is black:

Round 1 Results:

Katz, Harry v. Radomskyj, Peter 0 - 1
Rosas, Victor v. Nayak, Mohan 1 - 0
Hart, Glen v. Hart, Charles 1/2 - 1/2
Leffew, Richard v. Fortunato, Joseph Adjourned
Ellsman, Mark v. Ganning, Ken 0 - 1
Susswein, Harvey v. Volpe, John 1 - 0
Paris, Shea v. Cohen, Bryan 0 - 1
Burn, Murray v. Kant, Nicholas 1 - 0
Kirck, Charles v. Stephan, Walter 0 - 1
Corcoran, Paul v. Levanda, Mark Postponed
Davenport, Rodney v. West, Robert 0 - 1
Hariton, Leon v. Trieste, Ed Postponed
Hagerty, John 1/2 point bye

Round 2 Pairings:

Radomskyj, Peter v. Burn, Murray
Stephan, Walter v. Rosas, Victor
West, Robert v. Leffew, Richard
Ganning, Ken v. Corcoran, Paul
Fortunato, Joseph v. Susswein, Harvey
Cohen, Bryan v. Hariton, Leon
Hart, Charles v. Hagerty, John
Levanda, Mark v. Hart, Glen
Nayak, Mohan v. Paris, Shea
Trieste, Ed v. Katz, Harry
Kant, Nicholas v. Ellsman, Mark
Volpe, John v. Kirck, Charles
Davenport, Rodney Full point bye

If there are any questions please contact either John Hagerty, Victor Rosas or myself (973.723.7250; ) Regards...Glen Hart

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