Saturday, February 23, 2008

WOCC Champ. - Rd. 3 Results, Rd. 4 Pairings

Here are the results that have been reported so far for Round Three:

Rosas, Victor v. Cohen, Bryan Postponed
Burn, Murray v. West, Robert Adjourned
Radomskyj, Peter v. Hart, Charles 1-0
Hart, Glen v. Ganning, Ken 0-1
Ellsman, Mark v. Stephan, Walter 0-1
Hariton, Leon v. Fortunato, Joe 1-0
Kirck, Charles v. Nayak, Mohan 0-1
Paris, Shea v. Levanda, Mark 1/2-1/2
Katz, Harry v. Davenport, Rodney 1-0
Leffew, Richard v. Volpe, John Postponed
Hagerty, John v. Kant, Nicholas Postponed

Ed Trieste had a full point bye

Here are the Round 4 pairings (for Tuesday, February 26th). As usual, the first name has the white pieces:

West, Robert v. Rosas, Victor
Cohen, Bryan v. Susswein, Harvey
Corcoran, Paul v. Burn, Murray
Nayak, Mohan v. Radomskyj, Peter
Ganning, Ken v. Hariton, Leon
Stephan, Walter, v. Katz, Harry
Hart, Charles v. Kant, Nicholas
Hagerty, John v. Hart, Glen
Kirck, Charles v. Leffew, Richard
Volpe, John v. Paris, Shea
Fortunato, Joe v. Trieste, Ed
Davenport, Rodney v. Ellsman, Mark

Mark Levanda draws the full point bye

If there are any questions please contact either John Hagerty, Victor Rosas or myself...(973.723.7250);

Good Luck to all...Glen Hart

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