Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Club Update: Summer Spring Swiss, Pairings Round Two

Useful Swiss Knife

The character of The West Orange Chess Club has a variety of components, but outside of commitment, depth, and a much deserved reputation for genuine friendlyness, the major flavor of our club is our consistency.

We have been around for a long time, and we can still count among our regular members more than a few persons who have been comming for over twenty years. Can you imagine? Thats one fifth of a century, or 2% of 1000 years, or 1% of the elapsed time since antiguity. Thats a lot of time. Thats a lot of human character. And in our case, thats a lot of chess.

Our Board--and with it, our President John Hagerty--has put in place an environment where rated tournaments--often between all club members--are held on a regular basis. As our editor here told a family member last night, 'Its not that Tuesday night rated play is the exception, but rather that a few weeks of off from serious play is the exception'. This affords us all a regular venue within which to practice chess among familiar faces in a comfortable and secure environment. That is to say:

Besides being of very low cost relative to overal quality and availability (not to sound too much like Harvard Business Review, but this means location, access, ease of entry, good terms), we hasten to repeat that we are a friendly, welcoming club with a lot of strong players. And for sure a strong club are particularly welcoming of new players and visitors [1].

* . * . *
On that note, after the winter Club Championship and Spring Swiss, we are now underway with our Summer Swiss. This is five round (prior we seven and six respectively).

The pairings for round two are as follows. And our sincere appreciation to Roger Peterson for his great contribution of furnishing and operating his Swiss Master programs:

Rd Bd Scr White Scr Black
02 1. xxx Cohen, Bryan Paul (1.0) xxx Radomskyj, Peter (1.0)
02 2. xxx Tica, Juan P (1.0) xxx Martinez, Alberto (1.0)
02 3. xxx Pedersen, Roger E (1.0) xxx Zilbermintz, Lev (1.0)
02 4. xxx Race, Doran (1.0) xxx Arias, Fermin (1.0)
02 5. xxx Burn, Murray (1.0) xxx Boxer, Matthew (0.5)
02 6. xxx Hart, Charles M (0.5) xxx Sharpell, Fred (0.5)
02 7. xxx Prettyman, William (0.5) xxx Korn, David Allan (0.5)
02 8. xxx Lynn, Robert L (0.5) xxx Rivero, Rene Thoma (0.5)
02 9. xxx Garrett, Damon T (0.0) xxx West, Robert (0.0)
02 10. xxx Fortunato, Joseph (0.0) xxx Corcoran, Paul (0.0)
02 11. xxx Nayak, Mohan Rao (0.0) xxx Mehta, Palash (0.0)
02 12. xxx Falconi, Stefano (0.0) xxx Katz, Harry S (0.0)
02 1.0 Trieste, Edward Wi (0.0) BYE

[1.] Ten dollers per year, or about 19 cents per weekly visit. Can you imagine?

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