Saturday, June 18, 2011

Next Up, and Spring Results

Along the recent lines of our commitment to keeping the WOCC Blog fresh and up to date, one or two house keeping things, then a bit of news. In no particilar order of significance:

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Starting this next Tuesday, the next Swiss starts, which promises to have a good turnout for the summer months. While 32 or 36 participants is a good turn out for our club--especially in the winter months when vacations are not often planned, Tournament Director Charlie Hart sees 24, possibly 25 members planned on entering the summer tournament [1].

Members have been hungering for another tournament, and this fullfills this need after the long six round Spring Swiss, which was seven weeks with a one week hiatus between round three and four, as players switched sides of play (double round robbin, white plays Blk, then black plays Wht).

If you are new to our area, new to chess, or a serious chess player looking for a new place to play, meet nice persons of engaging mind, we very greatly hope that you will visit. Easy contact information, page down to earlier post, including phone numbers.

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Winners by section in the Spring Swiss:

Perenial winner Peter Radomskyj tied for first with Juan Tica, won their sections, sharing first honors. We all enjoy Peters leadership as one of our strongest players, and for participating at our club, raising our profile in the region as we take our club to the next level. Congratulations to Peter! And not least of which to say:

Let it be duly noted that Juan Tica played extraordinarily strong for someone who was only just making his debut games, as a provisional player. Can you imagine? 2000 elo plus, one must assume, as an unrated? The writer asked him so much and so on, and was told by Juan that he trains with CT-Art 3.0 [link here], which is known as still the best master level tactical trainer. Its an older program, based on Maxim Blokh's book Combinative Motifs [linked here] but the CR-Rom powerfully reflect his labor of of love. He trained several future GM's, not least of which, now world number 12, Alexander Grischuk. CD Publisher: Convekta, a competitor of ChessBase.

Matthew Boxer won the second section. Congratulations to Matthew. There is nothing harder than winning a won game. :-)

Fred Sharpell who is also very well accomplished as a correspondence player, not just nationally, but globally, won his section. If we have this right (correct us if the editor is wrong), he previously won the under 1900 section of the club championship, a very tough section if ever there was one. Congratulations to Fred for his 'convincing performance'. Fred does not fool around, and is known for deep, careful calculation.

Despite a tough work schedule, Fermin Arias still won the forth second he found himself in. The writer here--as many of us do--knows how hard it is to make as little as just a ham sandwitch after a long day working, never mind several hour battles at the chess board. He is noted for 'steady improvment'. Congratulations to Fermin, whom we are delighted to see keep making it to our club to compete and other. Thank you from all of us.

Shea Paris won his section. Shea is always understated, and anyone who underestimates his solid, quiet, but always very accurate play is making a very big mistake (the writer here??). Congratulations to Shea. Joseph Fortunato was the sole member in the chasing pack, very close behind. Hope to see more of Shea at our club. Shea is always a very positive person, which never hurts!

Ed Trieste won the sixth and final section commandingly.

[1] We remind kind readers, notably new ones, that we are not only quite well heated in the winter, and well appointed as we are, thanks to the efforts of Toby Katz whom we never wish to cease thank for our debt of gratitude, but also have the good fortune to enjoy a properly cooled environment for the summer. Can you imagine?? On a lake with trees and ample parking!

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