Monday, May 30, 2011

Announcement for Club Members Regarding a Roster

Dear Club Members,

The initial steps towards having a club roster have been drafted and put into place. This makes us a better organized club. In the next three or four weeks when and if you stop by, please if you would check the side table to see if your contact information is correct.

Thank you, John Hagerty, WOCC President


Anonymous said...

Hey - I am definitely glad to find this. great job!

John M. Hagerty said...

I am very happy to see more of our members "step up" and help out in a variety of ways. Even if people do mundane tasks such as setting up tables and putting sets and boards away, it is a really significant effort in certainly making my job easier. I am particularly pleased to see Charlie Hart pitch in with taking on the responsibility of supervising a tournament and also many thanks to Roger Petersen for bringing down his own laptop to use a pairing program to do the pairings in the most objective and error free way possible. The issue of the Club buying a computer is to be further discussed with Ken Ganning, our Treasurer. As we do not, as this moment, have a truly secure place at our meeting site for such a purchase, it would be incumbent for someone to bring the laptop on the nights that we have rounds and obviously to bring it home to their house. Last but not least, a big "shout out" to David Korn for his great work on this blog. As to a housekeeping matter, thanks to Victor Rosas for opening the club this past Tuesday and to John Bonnett for closing as I could not be there as my mother died after a long illness due to comlications from Altzheimer`s disease; she was 92 and had a full life and was very supportive of my Chess pursuits as was my father. I`ll see you guys this Tuesday

John M. Hagerty
President, WOCC