Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring Swiss . | . Garden State Chess League

Keeping up to date here:

We concluded our annual WOCC chess championship, which was handily won by the inestinable Peter Radomskyj (USCF 2240, linked here). The last of the seven rounds was played on Tuesday 23 March 2011. While 'only' seven rounds, its was a long hard fought slog for many of us.

Club Presient John Hagerty wanted everyone both involved and other club memembers to know how thankful he was that this could be made such a wonderful success. In kind, all the members thank him--as if to say it only once more, were somehow enough--for his ceaseless and unselfish efforts on behalf of our club.

We have just reached the halfway point for our annual Spring Swiss (groups of four, all play all Wht and Blk, at six games) tournaments. Charlie Hart is stepping up again, and in his tweed jacket, the starting night, looked and sounded very presentorial. We all thank him.

Somehow the word 'summer' and 'Garden' State seems to sound so euphoneous together! This next Tuesday, we continue our efforts in the Garden State Chess League, (linked here)playing Dean Academy of Chess (linked here) at our club. These events are characterized by club level players often (but not always) having access to peer to peer competition, in a serious but not unfriendly competitive atmosphere.

We chess players as a rule of often (if not always!) the cundrum or spectre of having ratings hanging us. Chess players measure and are measured. What is the saying in carpentry: "Measure twice, cut twice". You win, your ratings go up, loose, go down.

The GSCL games are all the more delightful for not only playing new faces and styles, away from the somewhat familiar peers from your own club (maybe not over months, but YEARS!) and for the comrodery of playing along side your breathern in arms, but are unrated. Just chess as we say, for the love and art of it.

Come visit us, or give John a call. See you soon!


Chess Coroner said...

Glad to see the W. Orange club posting items again.

Robert said...

Great job, David. Keep up the good work! -- Robert