Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Very Informative Article By the US Amateur Winning Team

The USAT Champs: from left, Matt Helfst, Jeremy Mandelkern, Peter Dyson (holding the South region’s ‘ugly rook’ rotating trophy), and IM Javad Maharramzade (photo: Lerman).

Information on any subject is often available on the internet. Of course.

But this does not mean that you will always be able to get it, or if you can that it will be anywhere near sufficient. If you check about USATE--or in our case, recheck, and then in a few weeks recheck again, and so on--on Google--you would think that numerous sources would be available, even a paragraph or two about a result or an experience. It is not true.

So it is with great delight that we not only found this article about our semi-final opponent from Saturday night (four days ago; see post immediate below), but written in detail about their preparation and posting the games. We faced IM Javad Maharramzade (2610), Peter Dyson (2099), and Jeremy Mandelkern (2098). Our team was comprised of IM Mikail Zlotnikov (2330), NM Peter Radomskyj (2246), Jose Fernandez, Captain (2108), and Victor Rosas (2052).

To give you a rough idea about how tough they were, they went on to win the nationals. Peter Dyson on board two against our team writes here, which can be found at the USCF website, linked here:
Armageddon Your Pieces Wins US Amateur Team Playoff
. It was posted on Monday 28th of March, 2011.

Now we have to extend our congratulations to their national win, against the North team, 'For Whom the Azbel Tolls'. How sweet the joy must be for them. Bravo!

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