Tuesday, March 08, 2011

West Orange Chess Club, Wins Top Honors

[We promise to substitute an image of our top winning team (but other unmentioned winners here!), but this photo aught to give those who might not have attended a sense of the size of this event--about 1,000 persons in this room alone, one of several rooms!]

We are most proud to announce that our first team, West Orange Krush, won top honors at USATE--aka "The World Amateur Team Competition for the East", recently held at the Parsippany Hilton the weekend of 19-21 February.

The NJSCF rapidly and to their credit quickly posted the results here.

Our club also won top team under 1700. These were two of five teams sent by our club, at various levels. Team results were out of 444 teams, comprised of four participants each, or 1,776 chess players.

This was a very well organized event, and we all look forward to next year.

We also wish to thank the USCF for their prompt ELO results for each person with this very comprehensive table shown here. It is amazing how the USCF manages to keep up.

Thank you. WOCC members!!

This video does not pertain to our club, but does give a taste of the raw hum and energy of the room. A thousand person calculating (or were earlier)...

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