Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Contact Us!

Short and sweet: Set next to Degnan Park, lovely green outside our door, thanks to the very forward looking efforts of Toby and Harry S. Katz, we enjoy among the nicest of all facilities to play chess, in a refreshing and natural setting.

It was these most generous supporters who helped secure for the long term, the recreational center we use. They really are the ones we need to thank most of all, having given us what we needed to be a sustainable club enjoyed by many, many persons . Thank you.

* * *

We love new members. While fully non-commercial (we don't count dollar bills), we always enjoy those who share our art, the creative endless richness of chess.

Please drop us a note here, or Buick [one word ] chess@ gee male [you get the idea] dot com. Also feel free to phone our wonderfully engaged John Hagerty at 97-three, 73-six, 343-three. John is the rare person who actually returns phone calls on a consistent basis in the 21st century. All messages are responded to. Please call before ten p.m. Besides being our President, John is our Tournament Director.

Our main room is very more often than not for standard (timed games), but we have a side room for blitz or 'skittles'. Often latter at night, you can find our senior players helping developing players in the analysis of their games in this informal side room. Always wonderful to see Chess Masters and Experts explaining the royal game!

Calling ahead is by no means necessary, but does add to our ability to fully welcome you, which we go out of our way to do! Thank you. Somehow snacks always appear. We aim to please.


chess tactics said...

good blog n info my friends.thanks.

West Orange Chess Club said...

Thank you. We are working hard to update, a week by week process, slowly but correctly.

Visited your blog. Very nice.