Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Simple Map of Our Location

[Please click image above to enlarge.]

We promise to get a better image or link... But, for now, since we just south of West Orange High, a little map provided by the Recreation Department of the Township of West Orange, shown here.

We are just east off of Degnan Park, off of Pleasant Valley Way, between Eagle Rock Avenue to the North, Interstate Route 280 conveniently to the south, The Garden State Parkway to the East (about 3.5 miles), and Valley to the West. Easy Parking just off the High School. Degnan park is shown just right of Interstate 280 running top to bottom, in the expandable map above.

We meet every Tuesday at the West Orange NJ Toby Katz Community Center [above map, linked at here] between 7 p.m. and midnight. Chess sets are provided. Young, old, and all between invited. We are a friendly--but serious--club! West Orange Chess Club Members.

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