Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The stupendous run of our top team West Orange Krush has come to a grinding halt. Truth be told, the team which overcame us in the semi-finals, Armageddon, deserves every congratulations.

We appreciated the chance to compete against them this last Saturday, and wish them every success. We cannot wish them good luck since based on the evidence, it would appear that luck is the one thing they may not be needing. A very strong team. Good luck anyway!

Now the brief news till we can elaborate with revision here, or post again: Armageddon beat us 3.5 to 0.5. A demonstrable win. Only our most esteemed IM Mikhail Zlotnikov managed the half point, for a much appreciated draw. Three tough loses--one draw. Chess is chess.

Please when you see our top team and its captain, Jose Fernandez, take a moment if you would and congratulate their serious effort. WOCC

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Robert said...

Great run W.O.C.C. We will do better next year!