Friday, August 26, 2011

Chess For Life's Annual Chess Exhibition at the Panera Bread Cafe in W. Orange, New Jersey

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Time to time we recieve notice that club members are involved in events set to help the larger chess community, students, or are involved in commercial endeavours of a positive nature. Such efforts cannot help but be great for chess as a whole. We heartily applaud the effort on the part of CFL, Damon, and his staff. Below is an instance.

Please find below which the club recieved from one of our established club members, Damon T. Garrett. As many of you know, he is President of 'Chess For Life!' It works with children in our Region, and State (click link in red, to go directly to their site).

His emails is: dgarrett at chessforlife dot us
He can be conveniently reached at: (9-seven-3) 9-eight-5-1-zero-2-four.

"Greetings Everyone! Here we go again, Chess For Life's (CFL) Annual Chess Exhibition at the Panera Bread Cafe in W. Orange, New Jersey (click for map). I would personally appreciate your support, as you plan to come and bring plenty of kids, your family, staff, and your leadership team to this magnificent event on Saturday, September 17th @ 3:00pm.

"Our Team has been preparing to make this an exciting family event! We have provided the beautiful polished flyer for you (above), prepared by The Panera Bread Cafe Corporation, for your convenience. Kindly forward this flyer to all those that you invite. In the spirit of developing an effective networking team, may I ask you to invite all those in your sphere of influence, not only to attend, but, to invite all who they influence.

"This Fun & Free event promises to be an attraction for our youth, chess players, enthusiast, an dthe many of you who always say, 'I wished I would have learned chess when I was younger'… Well, here's your chance!!! So come join me and our terrific staff at our Annual Chess Ehibition.

"And finally, I'd also ask if you would" drop us a line" to let us know that you plan to attend" (modified from email, for blog)...

"Thank you for your partnership as you help CFL's efforts to promote chess education & leadership for our youth culture!"

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