Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Club Update: Results for Round One, Late Summer Quad

Parallels Between Sustained Investigation in Mathematics at the Highest Level and the Rigors of Top Level Chess Preparation. At end of video, continuation to part 2 of 5 is very particularly interesting, stunning one might say!.

West Orange Orange Chess Club, Summer Round Robin, Results:

Rd Bd Scr White Scr Black
01 101. xxx Radomskyj, Peter (0.0) xxx Boxer.Matthew (0.0)
01 102. 0.5 Pedersen, Roger E (0.0) 0.5 Cohen, Bryan Paul (0.0)

01 201. 0.5 Hart, Charles M (0.0) 0.5 Garrett, Damon T (0.0)
01 202. 1.0 Martinez, Alberto (0.0) 0.0 Burn, Murray (0.0)

01 301. 0.0 Nayak, Mohan Rao (0.0) 1.0 Rivero, Rene Thoma (0.0)
01 302. 1.0 Katz, Harry S (0.0) 0.0 West, Robert (0.0)

01 401. 1.0 Korn, David Allan (0.0) 0.0 Palacios, Danny (0.0)
01 402. 1.0 Paris, Shea (0.0) 0.0 Fortunato, Joseph (0.0)

01 501. 1.0 Trieste, Edward (0.0) 0.0 Bernard, Jaron (0.0)
01 502. 1.0 Kirck, Charles (0.0) 0.0 Falconi, Stefano (0.0)


Anonymous said...

Can you post the pairings for rounds two and three, or at least round two, because there are some who are not sure of standard quad pairings and would like to know their pairings without having to call Charlie Hart? Of course this nothing against Charlie!

Heuristical said...

Good comment. The editor calls, and calls, and asks and asks. This list is only here because he demanded it.

Charlie is indeed a good man. The issue is not Charlie, or whether Roger takes the time and generates a word doc, and David receives it, posts it, and notifies members via email.

The issue as is repeated and repeated, is the club now needing to be on a much more business to business basis:

Coordinated, checked, and distributed phone lists, and similarly identified and checked emails;

a blog to post Updates at;

but, most of all, a group of persons to help.

Those who assist the club cannot do it alone, and it is a group effort.

Now, for my own opinion: Its a great club ready to improve, rather than a chaotic club to be pulled from the ditch.

There have not been pairs, and postings, and now there are.

But in the end, the editor is the one who must call, having already wanted what you want, and in this case type it, post it and sometimes it is not calling or typing, but getting a call back, or getting a call back on time, or the person calling back feeling good with themselves, or not swaying with the cares of life, or worries about money or family or health. Life is no joke. The high road is to appreciate what is present, and incent the good, rather than disparage what is absent, and offer no solution. This is not, we repeat, not to be permissive, but the persons who volunteer selflessly give their not unlimited time or energy.

That I know of, no one has offered to help Charlie. No one, that the editor knows of, has offered to help him other than Roger, who himself is very, very busy. No one, that the editor knows of, has offered to help Roger.

Please volunteer! :-).

Let it be reminded, at the same time, as you intimate, all it takes is the resolve towards an organized structure. It is already so. "The most highly organized systems have the greatest energy throughput". What this needs is, is foresight, the idea of thinking it through.

The other side is, sometimes people are already in place to not only do that, but already doing so, but due to the five degrees of separation, are limited in how much they or a few can connect others.

Take Charlie, no one knows how hard he tried to find out if Juan Tica or Peter or Victor were playing. He aksed David to help, and David tried and tried. It turned out well.

But no one but those three to be reached or the two who tried knows the time and effort and care.

It is not all magic, but blood and guts sometimes. Raw physical and mental energy, not structure always.