Friday, July 29, 2011

Milestones: Prizes for Summer Swiss:

Here Can Be Heard Glimmerings of Eternity: 'Enrico Caruso - Una Furtiva Lagrima'

Revised, Saturday 30 July 2011, per 3rd email from Roger. Thank you:

'In a chess tournament for cash prizes, prizes are split amongst the
winners and a winner must receive their largest prize.

'1st Radomskyj $150
2nd/ 3rd ($100/ $50) Zilbermintz and Arias $75 each
Top Under 1900 ($75) with 3 points Garrett and Prettyman ($37.50 each
Top Under 1700 ($50) with 3 points Korn (giving Korn the most money)
Top Under 1500 ($35) with 2.5 points Hochheiser (since Korn has a prize)'

Initial Post, Friday 29 July 2011:

'Radomskyj 1st - $150
Zilbermintz and Arias 2nd/3rd $75 each
? Fermin Arias Under 1900 $75
Korn Under 1700 $50
? Hochheiser U1500 $35'

A. ... 'Perhaps U1700 goes to Kwok since Prettyman is slightly over 1700', Roger E. Peterson

B. Source data from two emails to editor from Roger, then revised by editor, upon review of USCF tournament result, linked here.


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