Thursday, July 28, 2011

Announcement: Late Summer, Three Round, Round Robin

India, Naughty Monkeys: Chaos (Just 1.5 minutes long)

Quickly, editor is on the clock consulting... this minute... 11:44 am [1].

Just got a call four minutes ago from Charlie Hart, that WOCC President John Hagerty wanted everyone to be notified through the blog, and thus email in kind, that there is to be a three round, round robin, starting in 12 days. Apologies for short notice, but 'better late than never'.

Round start on Tuesday the 9th of August, at eight pm, and continues on the 16th, and 23rd. Details on will be forthcoming in days ahead please.

Usual start time, 8 p.m. $20.00, for shorter session.

Unofficially while we are at it, John might have information about a Fall Swiss, potentially six rounds, to start the second Tuesday of September 13, 2011. But only as is so decided, but somewhere there and about, and obviously NOT the Tuesday after Labor Day Weekend (Tue 06 Sept = n/a).

[1] Let it be duly noted, editor selected this video days ago, before the announcement was received. Intent is to diversify perception by region, gender, modality, typology, historicity, motif, style, etc.

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