Sunday, July 17, 2011

Roger Peterson Tied for First at World Open Senior Amateur

Let us all congratulate our very well seasoned Roger E. Peterson, 1960 ELO, (click red L & R for active links, USCF data) for his recent shared victory at the super tough field at The World Open Senior Amateur.

He placed first, shared among three, out of 35 contestants. Competing against such seasoned players cannot be a laughting matter.

Roger secured draws with the 1st and 4th seeds, and obtained victories against the 20th and 12th seeds.

We leave it to cognescenti of possible modifications to Italian economist Aprad Elo's rating system, such as Bucholdiz (dk: sp?? Word exists, cannot find it this sec, but you who know, understand...) tie break systems according to basically 'run away analysis'--where the strength of your opponents opponents are weighted, not unlike moment distribution in mechanical engineering [1].

What occured in round one is best explained by Roger. Whatever it was, Cohen who took shared first faced an average seed of 13.25, Roger 9.25, and Long 17. But Roger was measured over 4 or 5 games, with a forfiet for round one. Bitter sweet. It is duly noted, again, the weighted average is the real number, if you ask me, but I am not paid for this :-).

Thought at the speed of light:

[1] cf. for example see Jeff Sagarin of USA Today's incredably nimble sports handicapping analysis, which BTW also uses ELO analysis, linked here. This is one example of many. Page down. Other applications are NCAA, Baseball, etc, linked here.

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