Thursday, September 22, 2011

Flash Note: "NJ Knockouts need emergency substitute standby player asap"

Note from Rob three minutes ago, literally:

"Hello everyone,

Would you mind posting the paragraph on your blogs, sending to your email lists, etc., as soon as possible?


Rob Bernard, Manager, New Jersey Knockouts"

"Help! Your local US Chess League ( team, the New Jersey Knockouts, needs you!

"We have some personnel issues this week, and may need an under-2000 (1800-1999 on the August 2011 list) rated player for fourth board, for this week only.

"You would be playing in Lincoln Park, on Monday September 26 at 7pm. You need to indicate your interest to me ASAP, as the lineup must be turned into the league by tomorrow (Friday Sep 23) by 9pm.

"There's no guarantee that you will play, but I need to have some options. Please indicate your interest by emailing me at [see email below in red, editor:]:

Thanks! Rob Bernard Manager, New Jersey Knockouts" [click link in red, directed to NJN blog. Editor]

minusone at alumni dot prince [:university, add L & R:]ton dot edu

Roger? Anthony? Matthew? Charles? Bryan? Alberto?

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