Saturday, September 10, 2011

Remarkable Interview: 'GM Levon Aronian answers your questions: Part 2'

Part Two of the GM Aaronian Interview, 'KC-Conference with Levon Aronian: Part 2'
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A few Sample Question and Answers taken from a long interview. This is what we can truly call an 'Educated Person':

Alex (USA): You’re a fan of Franz Kafka as I am. What makes him so appealing to you? [CiT]

It’s the vulnerability of a man who, fundamentally, hasn’t done anything wrong, which is reflected in The Trial, The Castle and America, and reminds me of Soviet and post-Soviet times. I also like the fact that in his works there’s an attempt to look at the world from the most varied of perspectives as, for example, in “The Burrow”, or in “Investigations of a Dog”.

- Which non-chess books would you recommend?

I can vouch for everything written by Platonov, Kafka and Gogol.

- Which films can be instructive for a chess player?

That’s something I’ve never thought about. Perhaps some drama film with a sporting or musical theme. For example, “Raging Bull” or “Round Midnight”.

Zeppa: Who’s your favourite writer?
regent: Hello, Levon! Which are your favourite authors and works (I’ve got in mind literature, and not chess )?

Apart from those I’ve already named I also really love Mikhail Zoshchenko, Herman Hesse and Albert Camus.

- What’s new in the world of cinema? What have you liked recently, and who are your favourite directors?

I don’t follow trends in cinema. My favourite directors include – Woody Allen, Truffaut, Hitchcock, Fellini, Kurosawa, Ozu, Kar-wai, Bunuel, Malle, Solondz, Bertolucci, Tarkovsky and Bergman.

- Who’s your favourite composer?

In classical music I love Bach, Scriabin, Ravel, Dvorak, Khachaturian. I know others less well, but I’m trying to fill in those gaps.

- Who’s your favourite film actor (actress)?

Among actors I really like Jean-Pierre Leaud, Fernando Rey, Johnny Depp, Alberto Sordi and Jean Gabin. Among actresses: Anna Maniani and Greta Garbo.

Bergstrasse: Prosit! Genatzt! Yung sing! Cheers! GM Aronian, I wish you good health and much success in the WCC Candidates Matches. Enjoy yourself!
- Can you name a novel or two or three that you’ve read at least twice? [CiT]

Having reached the mature age of 13 I decided not to re-read anything, so as to have time to read all the worthwhile books – and I’d already built up quite a pile at home. I can mention two books that I reread in my childhood – the “Collected Fairy Tales of Gianni Rodari” and “Karlson Who Lives on the Roof”.

Valchess: Could you please name three books, three films and three albums (musical) that you’d “take with you to a desert island”?

Among books I’d take “The Castle” by Kafka and think up its continuation, as I think there’d be time enough on the island, “Discourses on the First Decade of Titus Livy” by Niccolo Machiavelli and a volume of Marina Tsvetaeva’s poetry. Among films I’d take something entertaining, something by Scorsese, something with Rita Hayworth in the main role and some film with aliens. Among albums – “Kulu Se Mama” or “Live at the Half Note 1965” by Coltrane, “Live at the Five Spot” by Eric Dolphy and Booker Little and “Love Devotion Surrender” by McLaughlin and Santana.

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