Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Club Update, USCF Ratings Report on Fall Swiss

The blog will continue to try to be meat and potatos. But sometimes these must be short announcements, more like carborhydrates. Just a quick update--the USCF ratings report which can be put in by Roger and/or John very, very quickly--thanks to the modernization of the club with SwissMaster, that report is currently held up.

John/Roger will let us know the course of events, but for those of you who might by now be checking daily or now weekly your USCF member information with your new or adjusted rating, might need to hold off for a little while at least as far as our recent club event goes. We appologize.

Secondly, in the next few days, there will be some very, very powerful interviews with Vishy Anand, Vladimir Kramnik, and--yes--some videos of Harry S. Katz. Katz and Anand is not a typo.

Blogs have to be fresh and individual, but time to time we will show the best of the best from outside sources. Anand and Kramnik are not only among the best of our era, but in the historic perspective, and their insights and offerings about their preparation, training, and outlook can be valuable.

Harry has done more than several unique pieces of work, and we will present them soon.

Lastly, reminder, Garden State Chess League Round Three is next Tuesday. And the Late Fall Swiss, a Grand Prix event throught the USCF, starts the following Tuesday. The board recently discussed this, and while we cannot as yet predict the level of participation, John is monitoring it, and we remind everyone, this COULD be a watershed event for the club, a way to test publicity and its impact on results for the Club Championship in March.

We are going to try to have this in the January Chess Life issue, for 15 January, which probably has a deadline of about December 7th, so just know we are looking out to March now, and have to resolve plans in November, to be ahead of the curve, to make this the WOCC Club Championships of ALL Club Championships. This is to be looked forward to. Editor, dk


Lev Zilbermintz said...

There are too many run-on sentences. Please proofread before you post. Many long sentences could be broken into two or three, and still say the same thing.

Heuristical said...

Blogs are meant to be informal. These are not meant to be English literature constructs, or tractaticus.

Some of this work is done fast, some of it edited in days ahead AFTER being post. Its a communication tool, not a grammatical proving ground. Still, all opinions are accepted, so here.

Nevertheless, like I said, I am alone here and welcome help. Think of the time I spend on this and other club matters--USCF advertisements, drafts, blogs, rosters, schedules, coordination with John and Roger.

No one said fix the blog, or the blog is out of line. It was all about other matters. This is not open season on the blog due to other matters, or about improved English composition. This is volunteerism. Its not a matter of distinguishing what is absent, but taking what is present.

Now, there is no harm done in your comment, just to be clear.

That said, if you want to ever submit to me rewrites or suggest edits, I would be open to that. I cannot promise to incorporate all of that.

Again, the Board reinforced all the work on the blog, only asked that emails outside the club get vetted, which we already do.

What I can suggest in lieu of wholesale rewrites are A. simple corrections (I would positively love that, welcome that), and refinements, B. entire edits are not welcome at this time, but most important of all, C. I will publish almost anything you give me. I would love to take content from anyone.

I never publish JUST to publish, but would be delighted for contributions. We are talking about your making a difference, if you ask me. Your intelligence, craft, not to mention chess imprimatur cannot be questioned...

Just remember here even, I do not reread much or rewrite, its a spill, it works, and no one has to date been offended! Its a one off, and refinement is just not how this is done. Its not publishing but news, announcements, posting, literally, and very much ad-hoc and informal. This is the way blogs are. They are NOT meant to be labored.

The very idea of laboring is antithetical to blogging, which can inhibit the immediacy of it.

Want to take over the blog :-)? I can plan my exit? All said in good fun Lev. Really, help is appreciate, as are contributions Lev! Just not major rewrites on peripatetic work. To be clear. Not here.

Let me know, dk

Doran said...

I think the videos should be W)CC related. Lev's presentation would be a great video. Members could create short lectures. There a chidren would would watch a how to checkmate with Q&K vs K. There are many members who and perspective members who would watch a lecture on Lucena or philidor's position.

Doran said...

I just watched a video on Bishops same color endgame on the Kennelworth(dear monitor I welcome corrections in spelling and grammer but dnt expect them please delete this sentence) club website.
Now visitors of our blog will go to their blog to see this video. If the reverse was true it would be good for WOCC.

Heuristical said...

Thank you Doran. This is an evolution. Currently, I create all the content. This can change from most, to some, to none.

Please select videos and I will gladly work them in.

As it currently stands, the modus operandi is to exhibit great diversity, if not spice. Again, this is an open matter. I filled a vacuum. This can change.

Just remember, a sense of ownership and expression keeps it energized. Submittals can become a group effort, and someone just needs to manage it and stroke it, lend it attention and energy. I am happy to groom someone, but solemnly recommend that it be someone who is able to sustain it.

I did this for five years, at my personal blog, and do this stuff with my eyes close!

Doran said...

I volunteer to make a video. I will need someone else to record it and bring the necessary equipment.