Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Final Resolution of Difficulty in Posting Results

The WOCC could say as little as possible about this, but what is lost in lack of silence might be made up for in learning, or is it the word, 'education' for all of us.

John supported the draft of a report taking all club members, rank sorted by USCF expiration date, which has now been completed and elaborated. This was done yesterday not to address the recent delay, but to prepare for the next event.

As such, we now have a map as it were of all memberships looking forward, so that, for example, in the most unlikely event Fred at the end of December, or David at the end of January wished to compete in the next month AND did not renew, this would have to be firmly committed by the individual as well as tracked by the club before allowing an entry to a new event.

Decisive Hand Moves! No Fear.

This can be said in fewer words, but A. it is late Tuesday, and B. we all have now waited two weeks. Please forgive editor if this is not perfectly written...

Here is a note from Roger to us, received forty minutes ago. He was very persevering in trying to contact the member who failed to solve the problem. No one is angry. Its really just a disappointment. We were all young once. The editor did twenty times worse in 1983, and lived to make sure he didn't do what he did again. Matter done, moving onward. We hope N_. joins us in the future for new events.

Surprisingly, BTW, many, many WOCC members have memberships paid to the USCF not only looking forward to the spring or half year, but well nigh the year and next year after that. Again, we all learned, and as best as we can will insure against this to start and launch our Late Fall Swiss, next week, with of course the imprimateur of Grand Prix Status. Not crisis but opportunity. And now Rogers note and the TD resolve:

"I submitted the WOCC Fall Swiss 2011.

"The games against N_ N_. will be sent the next tournament as his USCF membership had expired and that was holding up the entire tournament. Hence, he could not be removed from the tournament submission so I substituted J_H_ to accept his 5 forfeits (no rated games).

"I spoke to J_. about this and he agreed to have me submit the tournament this way with N_'s 3 loses to be rated at a later date.

Roger E Pedersen"

WOCC thanks Roger and thanks J_H_ for his willingness to make a major contribution to this problem now being solved expeditiously.

Corrections and improvement gladly accepted, pls write WOCC.


Lev Zilbermintz said...

While this is a stop-gap solution, it is time stuff like this stopped happening. We need to enforce membership rules around here. Mr. N. should have the decency not to hold up an entire tournament by not renewing USCF membership. Thanks to JH for stepping in and resolving a delicate problem.

Heuristical said...

Dear Lev, what I am about to say is not disingenuous or to pull your chain. Quite the contrary.

I suggest you make a narrative of your ideas. You clearly have opinions, and ideas. It is not so much that I am right that often and assuredly, standing alone in the blog, sometimes wrong or misguided, but from an entropic point of view, provide input.

In complexity theory, the saying is, 'the most highly organized systems have the greatest energy throughput'. Now, this is what I do, put in energy, confident evolution will occur. So here:

I am certain I might not agree with the WAY you want to develop about half your ideas, but just like in British Parliament people stand up and argue, say things, in the end, the policy and path is made.

I like N. I spoke to him. He deserves another chance. I suspect the faces made, the skewed tilt of the heads, the puzzled looks are sufficient punishment. I have done one hundred times worse, really, and turned out pretty responsible in life.

I had second chances.

Write it down Lev, let me post it, provided it is civil. Let others put down ideas. Damon has ideas, Jose, Robert, Mr. Katz. Let the evolution go on, by surfacing the issues, then rounding the horses around the area so decided, and move forward.

You have done things that could also have been called disruptive, but no one does NOT enjoy having you around. You add color to the club.

What is the USA founded on? The principle of tolerance. We lost that, but the core is still there.

Best, dk

PS, I do not rewrite here, its a notepad, so be it.