Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Community: Documentary Brooklyn Castle, ex-Chess Movie

Dear WOCC, The editor recieved this note to his personal chess blog, once very active and well followed, but now inactive. He asked the Director below if she wanted this posted to his blog or the Club, and she gave him the choice. As follows. thank you. WOCC jh, dk

Hi [substitute for blog editor:] West Orange Chess Club

My name is Kali Holloway and I’m the Outreach Director for the documentary Brooklyn Castle (ex-Chess Movie). It’s a great film about an underserved junior high school in Brooklyn, New York (65% of students are from homes living under the poverty level), that has the highest rated chess team in the whole country (the trailer is here -- I hope you'll watch: www.brooklyncastle.com --click red at L for link). To cut to the chase, we’re very near finishing the film (in fact, we’ve just started to submit to film festivals) and rolling out our outreach campaign (which will focus on getting more chess programs in schools throughout the country). To pay for these things, we’re using Kickstarter. And I’m reaching out in the very humble hope that your – via [edit:] West Orange Chess Club Blog. [This] will help us let people know about our project, and spread the word.

Our project page is here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rescuedmedia/finishing-brooklyn-castle-formerly-chess-movie (click red at L). I’m sure you’re immensely busy and there’s a lot of other chess news to cover, but if you might even give us and our project a mention, and we can get more eyes on it, I really think we can meet our goal. And, of course, we’d be immensely thankful.

Thanks so much for your time, David, and best to you.

Kali Holloway
Outreach Director

contact: kaliholloway at gee mail dot com

Editor, additional link: IS 318 CHESS TEAM

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