Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Club Update: Late Fall Swiss, Round Three Results and Round Four Pairings

The WOCC is especially pleased to see new faces Mark Kernighan and Ian Mangion both from the esteemed Kenilworth Chess Club, Aleksey Senyatkin of East Orange, and now last night, Nathan Resika of NY.

We are blessed to have such strong players participating in a tournament with an already high average rating, further elevating the event. This does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Thank you.

As many of you already know but bears repeating, Mark is a Life Master, 25th out of 1,914 active players in the State of New Jersey. He is exactly in the top 1.01% in the Nation. Thank you Mark.

Ian also has significant chess accomplishments, 103rd in the state, and 4.2% nationally. Thank you Ian.

Aleksey came in as an unrated but needless to say is making a mark, recent 1648 from his five provisional games at the recent 4th SY Fish Memorial also from the Kenilworth Chess Club. Thank you Aleksey.

Last but not least, guess who drove from New York, NY last night? Can you imagine? Nathan is also a Life Master, 82nd out of 4,593 in the State of NY, hardly a laughing matter! If Moscow existed in the United States, it would be NY. Thank you Nathan. He ranks in the top 1.2% nationally.

Thank you to TD Roger Pedersen for his suggestion as to bumping the WOCC Late Fall Swiss into Grand Prix status, and thank you to long time club president John Hagerty for his leadership in guiding us overall to continued improvement collectively, and evolving as a club overall. Thank you John and Roger. Good luck to all in round four, all hard fought.

Rd Bd Scr White Scr Black
04 1. xxx Kernighan, Mark D (3.0) xxx Mangion, Ian (2.5)
04 2. xxx Arias , Fermin (2.5)
xxx Resika, Nathan (2.0)
04 3. xxx Zilbermintz, Lev (2.0) xxx Race, Doran (2.0)
04 4. xxx Pepe, Michael A (2.0) xxx Pedersen, Roger E (2.0)
04 5. xxx Boxer, Matthew (1.5) xxx Senyatkin, Aleksey (2.0)
04 6. xxx Hart, Charles M (1.5) xxx Fortunato, Joseph (1.5)
04 7. xxx Martinez, Alberto (1.5) xxx Cohen, Bryan Paul (1.5)
04 8. xxx Garrett, Damon T (1.5)
xxx Norris, Anthony (1.0)
04 9. xxx Korn, David Allan (1.0) xxx Katz, Harry S (0.5)
04 1.0 Nayak, Mohan Rao (1.0) BYE

West Orange CC Late Fall Swiss -- West Orange CC Late Fall Swiss 2011
Cross Table, Page 1

No. Gr Name(Team) St Rate 1 2 3 Score

1. Kernighan, Mark D (1)......... NJ 2260 W11 FW8 W5 3.0
2. Resika, Nathan (2)............ NY 2201 -H- -H- W21 2.0
3. Zilbermintz, Lev (3).......... NJ 2083 -H- W19 D6 2.0
4. Mangion, Ian (4).............. NJ 2016 W12 W23 -H- 2.5
5. Race, Doran (5)............... NY 1959 W14 W20 L1 2.0
6. Pedersen, Roger E (6)......... NJ 1940 D15 FW27 D3 2.0
7. Boxer, Matthew (7)............ NJ 1921 D16 W28 L15 1.5
8. Hart, Charles M (8)........... NJ 1919 W17 FL1 -H- 1.5
9. Cohen, Bryan Paul (9)......... NJ 1900 L20 D14 W16 1.5
10. Norris, Anthony (10).......... NJ 1897 L23 L12 FW19 1.0
11. Martinez, Alberto (11)........ NJ 1890 L1 W17 D23 1.5
12. Pepe, Michael A (12).......... NJ 1837 L4 W10 FW25 2.0
14. Garrett, Damon T (14)......... NJ 1824 L5 D9 W17 1.5
15. Arias , Fermin (15)........... NJ 1739 D6 W16 W7 2.5
16. Katz, Harry S (16)............ NJ 1718 D7 L15 L9 0.5
17. Nayak, Mohan Rao (17)......... NJ 1696 L8 L11 L14 1.0
19. Kwok, Man-Chit (19)........... NJ 1607 -H- L3 FL10 0.5
20. Korn, David Allan (20)........ NJ 1604 W9 L5 L28 1.0
21. Hagerty, John Mich (21)....... NJ 1574 -H- -H- L2 1.0

23. Fortunato, Joseph (23)........ NJ 1553 W10 L4 D11 1.5
25. Nikitopoulos, Nich (25)....... NJ 1325 -H- -H- FL12 1.0
27. Rue, John D. (27)............. NJ 1200 -H- FL6 -N- 0.5

28. Senyatkin, Aleksey (28)....... NJ nnnn -B- L7 W20 2.0


Anonymous said...

Boxer already played Senyatkin in Round Two!

transformation said...

i appreciate that. i can make mistakes, but truth be told, i looked carefully at this while writing the post, and STILL cannot make sense of it.

i played him last night and lost on one bad move in an advantaged position (FYI at least -1.25 to variously -1.55 for Blk Fritz for all of Wht's fundamental responses), which is fine. he is a most respectable opponent.

that said, and again, wishing him well in the next round for an honest well deserved win, i am then not sure why he has 2.0? the grid showed him 1.0 for a bye in round one. Should he not have gone into round two with 0.5, just as Nathan (come in from NY last night) came into round three with 1.0 (two half point byes)?

i removed the last part of his paragraph, and await someone's clarification. the byes to me in this particular tournament--throught the fault of no one in particular--just seem just a mess, and i cannot get my head around it.

best, dk

Anonymous said...

I believe Senyatkin received a full one point bye for the first round because he was the odd man out, although being unrated or provisionally rated, I thought every effort is supposed to be made not to give him the full point bye. Perhaps he entered after the Round One pairings were already made. I guess John Hagerty could clarify all of this. As a result, Senyatkin would now have two points after his win last night. Regardless of how many points he has though, he still played Boxer in Round Two and cannot play him again.

Anonymous said...

The pairings look funny.
It is odd that Matt and Aleksey are going to play 2 games against each other in the same tournament. Also
The red print appears to be closer to me than the white. The green print is slighty farther away than the white and the blue slightly farther away than the green. This effect is called Achromatic Aberation. The cuase is my lenses. the focal length is color dependent. I should see my optomatrist. I only see this effect when I am wearing my glasses. When I take my glasses off and move close enough that I can read the pairings all the colors are apear equal distant from my eye.
Ofcourse the Matt-Aleksey pairing seeems strange to me no matter how I view the page.

Assit. TD &
tournament committee member

Anonymous said...

The only irregular bye that I am aware of is Aleksey getting a full point for round 1. As disdussed earlier this is a bug in the program that does the pairings. In the first round the lowest player WITH a rating gets the bye. UNR are not supposed to bet a bye.

Nathan got a half point buy for rounds 1 and 2. John H. got a half point buy for rounds 1 and 2. They played in round 3.

The forfiets are very disruptive. The program assumes that they will be deleted. I am strongly opposed to deleting players who forfiet. I am glad we do not. But it does make pairings difficult.

Forfiets also mess up prizes. A win by forfiet increase ones prize potential. It also decreases the prize potential of everyone who does not get a free point.

A win by forfiet puts you in a higher score group. Since your winning percentage has been inflated you are the weak man in that score group. Your opponent gets an easier opponent that round thereby inflating his winning potential and deflating the winning potential of those who earned every point.

Fear of forfiets cause sick players to play sick. We are all exposed to their illness. There opponent gets an easy win. If the opponent of the sick player gets the flu he may forfiet the mnext round or pass the flu to his next round opponent.

Players who forfiet become discouraged and might not play in the next event.

The cure for all these problems is doing the pairings at 745 the night of the round. This will eliminate forfits becuase players will call and ask for a half point bye. If someone does forfiet theey have to explain why they did not call. If you can avoid being paired by calling their a very few valid reasons to forfiet. No Show, No call, no last minute catastrophe = deleted form tournament.

Of couse my idea prevents you from spending all week preparing for an opponent.
Is it worth being exposed to the flu, and all the prolmes I have mention to know who you play a week in advance?

Anonymous said...

I forgot to sign my last comment. I am the guy ranting aganst pairing a week in advance.

Anonymous said...

Is this pairing program actually USCF sanctioned? It pairs players to play twice. It gives the full point bye to unrated players. It automatically deletes players who forfeit. I'd hate to say it, but if it has this many glitches, perhaps we shouldn't be using it.

Aleksey said...

David , can you please post the PGN of the game so I can review it?

transformation said...

Aleksey, pls see pgn posted to lattest post.

sorry for the Fritz exegesis, easy to remove before posting, but too busy here. figure you can wade through it. as a rule, i prune long variations to avoid silly horizon affect, but have not done so, as yet.

sometimes it takes me weeks to face looking at a loss where i was winning, its just too painful.

but i get to it eventually. therefore, the next morning, i just ran Fritz and Rybka at that move, to ascertain that indeed, 21...Bd8 solved the threat instantly. there is a name for this, snow blindness.

as they said at today:

'Ivanchuk was not in his "one mistake is all it takes" form either, but a final series ended the American's chances of an eleventh hour reprieve.'

i am taken to single move errors in otherwise even to positive positions against better or superior players. its called the need to practice. peace and hope you are having a nice thanksgiving, dk telep 206 two-eight-4, two 7 two two. busy at icc this sec, but free latter or tomorrow.