Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012 Annual Meeting Minutes / DRAFT

1. President John Hagerty begins meeting, asks David Korn to be pro tem Secretary for last night's Meeting. Victor Rojas has been busy, and needs to opt out of his roles (He has done a lot for our club, and we wish him well in his next steps in his Professional career, personal, and obviously ongoing significant chess accomplishments. Thank you Victor. Damon is Sergeant of Arms.

2. John begins by reminding everyone of what an exceptional good year it has been for our overall club. We hosted many tournaments including sizable club Championship won by Life Master Peter J. Radomskyj (2274), won top honors at USATE (two, not one teams), established a blog and from there a growing and more accurate roster (including email), purchased a computer enabling club to continue to run the SwissMaster program including results, cross-tables, and reporting.

Additionally, John had more help with various TD capabilities from a growing list of TD's Charles M Hart, (1909), Roger E. Pedersen (1954), and now Doran Race ('He passed ON HIS OWN! Is TD for our next tournament, Winter Swiss) 2008.

4. John mentions utility of newly resuscitated blog, and David reminds everyone his role is NOT the blog, but the blog supports a larger venue, club communications and coordination--notably roster, as indicated above. John reminds us all this is ultimately to be made available to club members, if not soon. See discussion of Rights and Privileges down below, bottom.

5. Club Championship is set for second Tuesday of March (starts Tue 13 Mar).

6. Club was closed for three weeks in late Dec and early Jan, due to necessary repairs by Municipality. John reminds us that despite inconvenience and this has happened before, how much we all appreciate the nice facility. He notified town ceiling needs new bulbs, since some are out making corner dark, and AHU near door had a heavy vibration, and needs to be checked.

7. Star Ledger send professional writer Pete Genovese, arranged by David. Feature article is not a certainty, but seems to be a real possibility.

8. John reports that he had more helpers than ever this year [ editor/ to name some, but all, notably : Charlie, Roger, David, Doran. Damon as always is a leader supporting John behind the scenes. Now we have a substantial 'Executive Committee'. ]

9. Next GSCL is probably in Rahway, but not certain. [ editor, still might have other clubs here, sharing facility, 'presciencing' classic games potential to Star Ledger, for follow up including photography, draft [.

10. Jose is Captain of GSCL [editor, plus 'Director' of USATE]. Members ask where website is, David reminds club, linked at blog sidebar, at right. Jose has put together three teams for USATE. Average of three is 1899, 1898.5, and 1693.73. Twelve participants cited to club.

11. Annual collection of dues at $10.00 for all members requested, to continue to fund club in addition to small residual amounts from tournament (club is Not for Profit, and gives an usually large percentage back to tournament winners. While club generously pays the $150 per team, also asks each participant to contribute $12.50 to Treasury to make up small residual deficit.

12. Club lost money this year, but not a major concern. A small amount of working capital was lost, but we also obtained a computer [Ken: reimbursed to 2012 operating expenses, not 2011.]. Treasury balance is $1,228.75. About $420.00 was derived from dues. $500.00 of that is allocated for USATE teams. $120.00 of that came from the simultaneous exhibitions in November (month, October? Correction?). $40.00 is allocated for USCF club dues. Coffee and cookies are additional expenses, above and beyond new Notebook computer but are completely funded by tournament revenue.

13. Some memberships are in the past have been paid by families comprised of multiple members, set at $20.00 annual in lieu of $10.00 each to remove burden. John's intention is to keep annual cost of dues per member down.

14. Doran began a long discussion about the qualifications for being called club champion, notably, asking what if someone from outside the club without a significant relationship with our club (as random examples only, Nathan or Mark) were to win? Are that to be called club champion, or for example does a runner up get listed in the club recorded as such who is a standing club member? Ken dutifully asks, what defines a long standing member?

15. A committee is appointed to discuss this issue on qualification for club champion, comprised of: John B, Jose, Joe F, Damon, Charles H, Robert L, Mohan N, Doran R, and Lev ((nine persons). Executive committed adjourns above long discussion based on this resolve.

16. To close, discussion of prior victory by Lev, asking what if he won it, not having been a member (he was). Ken asks that this be formally defined. John B. recommends that qualification is A. current or recent membership, and B. qualification by (participation) in former tournament.

17. This naturally leads to question what our bylaws are, which no one has ever seen. David says he has not only looked at Kenilworth website carefully, but was certain that they had both defined and posted their own. John H asks David to obtain a copy (and thus present to him). [editor, this is called Constitution of Kenilworth Chess Club. Bears fruitful examination. Thank you to our friends at Kenilworth].

18. Lev deftly asks what then would be the obligations and duties of a Club Champion (Secretary herein notes how important this question is, since this extends to membership in general, for example, obligation of dues, conduct, activity, rights to have access to a copy of club roster--with semi-private contact informations, such as telephone and email).

19. [Editor, this is my third sitting of draft of minutes, with item 18 above line item 29. of some 46 in his notes, but items 30 to 46 much shorter, that is to say will finish notes in sitting four or five... one bit at a time].

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