Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Fascinating: Chess Engines Unmasked, Explicated, De- Incrimated

Uncustomery to our blog: short and sweet, but thus able to include more variety.

For those of you who both use chess engines and are similarly aware of Rybka creator's Vasik Rajlich deeply embeeded controvery, whereby he was harshly accused of plagerizing open source chess engine Fruit's architecture. Who knows where the line of truth is. But whatever it is, Rybka is a darn good chess engine, from which great innovation evolved--read the clear and new leader, Houdini.

Here are two fantastical great articles about this, from chessBase, 'A Gross Miscarriage of Justice in Computer Chess', and even more fascinating: ' A Gross Miscarriage of Justice in Computer Chess (part two)'. Part three to follow.

Kickedly smart.

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