Monday, January 09, 2012

Getting Ready: 42nd Annual World Amateur Team & U.S. Team East

5.7 weeks till 42nd Annual World Amateur Team & U.S. Team East (click red at left), starting Saturday February 18th 2012, and continues to Monday February 20th.

Mark your calenders to support our club, or please make sure you have submitted your forms to Jose or John as to general availability and/or preferences.

Last day for reservations at the Hilton at 'chess rate', 11:59 pm next Monday January 16th (click red at L, contact information at Hilton Parsippany).

Seven more days to dial it in. Don't forget, cancelations are allowed till 11:59 pm Friday February 17th. That's called zero risk for the majority of members with--as yet--little to no guarantee's of being selected for participation, yet if on a team wish to focus energy at what is, for some, reasonable cost.

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