Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Announcement: West Orange Chess Club, 2012 Winter Swiss

Winter Swiss
Rounds Jan 31, Feb14, 21, and 28
4 rounds – Pairings done 30 minutes before start of round

Game 100min with 5 sec increment (if you move in 2 seconds your time increases by 3 seconds). If both players prefer to use a 5 sec delay or an analog clock that is acceptable.

EF: $20 plus $10 deposit to discourage forfeits. Non WOCC members pay additional $5
Chief TD: Doran Race assisted by John Haggerty and Roger Pedersen.

Forfeits should be rare since players can phone the TD any time before 7pm and asked not to be paired for the round. Deposit will be returned to players with no forfeits. Deposits forfeited will be distributed equally amongst all players with no forfeits. A player who wants to continue after a forfeit will have to pay another $10 deposit. Once you have entered the tournament it assumed that you will play every round unless you request a bye.

Prizes will be determined by TD staff after all entries have been collected. The percent of money returned as prizes and the prize structure will be similar to recent WOCC tournaments.

Genius. What a concept. What a singularity (Nigel scratches his head at 1:47. We all been there...).

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